Parents' and Parents' Siblings
Nuclear family
Siblings and Cousins
Children and Niblings
All Kinterms
Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother's wife -biena -mooi
daughter -moku -moku
daughter's daughter -ratala -ratala
daughter's husband - -raata
daughter's son -ratala -ratala
father -maama -maama
father's brother's older daughter -ura, -naana -moknehi, -naana
father's brother's older son -moknehi, -naana -ura, -naana
father's brother's younger daughter -ura, -kokda -kokda, -moknehi
father's brother's younger son -kokda, -moknehi -ura, -kokda
father's father -kuta -kuta
father's mother -kuta -kuta
father's sisters's older daughter -ura, -mayol fala, -naana -mayol fala, -moknehi, -naana
father's sisters's older son -mayol fala, -moknehi, -naana -ura, -mayol fala, -naana
father's sisters's younger daughter -ura, -kokda, -mayol fala -kokda, -moknehi, -mayol fala
father's sisters's younger son -kokda, -moknehi, -mayol fala -ura, -kokda, -mayol fala
father's older brother -maama fing -maama fing
father's older sister -mayol fala, -eya fing -mayol fala, -eya fing
father's younger brother -maama kokda -maama kokda
father's younger sister -mayol fala, -eya kokda -mayol fala, -eya kokda
husband - -neng
husband's brother - -biena
husband's sister - -mooi
mother -eya -eya
mother's brother's older daughter -ura, -neng fala, -naana -neng fala, -moknehi, -naana
mother's brother's older son -neng fala, -moknehi, -naana -ura, -neng fala, -naana
mother's brother's younger daughter -ura, -kokda, -neng fala -kokda, -moknehi, -neng fala
mother's brother's younger son -kokda, -moknehi, -neng fala -ura, -kokda, -neng fala
mother's father -kuta -kuta
mother's mother -kuta -kuta
mother's sisters's older daughter -ura, -naana -moknehi, -naana
mother's sisters's older son -moknehi, -naana -ura, -naana
mother's sisters's younger daughter -ura, -kokda -kokda, -moknehi
mother's sisters's younger son -kokda, -moknehi -ura, -kokda
mother's older brother -neng fala, -maama fing -neng fala, -maama fing
mother's older sister -eya fing -eya fing
mother's younger brother -neng fala, -maama kokda -neng fala, -maama kokda
mother's younger sister -eya kokda -eya kokda
son -moku -moku
son's daughter -ratala -ratala
son's son -ratala -ratala
wife -mayol -
wife's brother -raata -
wife's father -raata -
wife's mother -raata -
wife's sister -biena -
sister's husband -raata -biena
older brother -moknehi, -naana -ura, -naana
older brother's daughter -moku -moku
older brother's son -moku -moku
older sister -ura, -naana -moknehi, -naana
older sister's daughter -moku -moku
older sister's son -moku -moku
younger brother -kokda, -moknehi -ura, -kokda
younger brother's daughter -moku -moku
younger brother's son -moku -moku
younger sister -ura, -kokda -kokda, -moknehi
younger sister's daughter -moku -moku
younger sister's son -moku -moku