Parents' and Parents' Siblings
Nuclear family
Siblings and Cousins
Children and Niblings
All Kinterms
Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother yachi unai
brother's daughter awe, nawant awe, nawant
brother's son uchi, awe uchi, awe
daughter nawant nawant
daughter's daughter tiranki tiranki
daughter's husband awe awe
daughter's son tiranki tiranki
father apa apa
father's brother apa apa
father's brother's daughter unai kai
father's brother's son yachi unai
father's father apachi apachi
father's father's brother's son apa apa
father's mother nukuchi nukuchi
father's sister tsatsar tsatsar
father's sister's daughter wahe yuar
father's sister's husband iich -
father's sister's son sai wahe
husband - aishru
husband's father - iich
husband's mother - tsatsar
mother nuku nuku
mother's brother iich iich
mother's brother's daughter wahe yuar
mother's brother's son sai wahe
mother's brother's wife tsatsar -
mother's father apachi apachi
mother's mother nukuchi nukuchi
mother's sister nuku nuku
mother's sister's daughter unai kai
mother's sister's son yachi unai
son uchi uchi
son's daughter tiranki tiranki
son's son tiranki tiranki
son's wife awe awe
wife nuaru -
wife's father iich -
wife's mother tsatsar -
sister unai kai
sister's daughter uchi, awe awe, nawant
sister's son uchi, awe uchi, awe