Parents' and Parents' Siblings
Nuclear family
Siblings and Cousins
Children and Niblings
All Kinterms
Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
daughter -'ai -'ai
daughter's daughter di'ing di'ing
daughter's son di'ing di'ing
father -imang -imang
father's father bap bap
father's mother bap bap
father's older brother -imang sel -imang sel
father's older brother's daughter -uding, -matu -uding, -matu
father's older brother's son -uding, -matu -uding, -matu
father's older sister -ife sel, -ife -ife sel, -ife
father's older sister's daughter -uding, -matu, -'ob ai -uding, -matu
father's older sister's son -uding, -matu -uding, -matu, -lote ai
father's younger brother -imang sel -imang sel
father's younger brother's daughter -uding, -di' -uding, -di'
father's younger brother's son -uding, -di' -uding, -di'
father's younger sister -ife sel, -ife -ife sel, -ife
father's younger sister's daughter -uding, -'ob ai, -di' -uding, -di'
father's younger sister's son -uding, -di' -uding, -lote ai, -di'
husband - -lote
mother -ife -ife
mother's father bap bap
mother's mother bap bap
mother's older brother asel, -imang sel asel, -imang sel
mother's older brother's daughter -uding, -matu, -'ob ai, asel -uding, -matu, asel
mother's older brother's son -uding, -matu, asel -uding, -matu, asel, -lote ai
mother's older sister -ife sel, -ife -ife sel, -ife
mother's older sister's daughter -uding, -matu -uding, -matu
mother's older sister's son -uding, -matu -uding, -matu
mother's younger brother asel, -imang sel asel, -imang sel
mother's younger brother's daughter -uding, asel, -'ob ai, -di' -uding, asel, -di'
mother's younger brother's son -uding, asel, -di' -uding, -lote ai, asel, -di'
mother's younger sister -ife sel, -ife -ife sel, -ife
mother's younger sister's daughter -uding, -di' -uding, -di'
mother's younger sister's son -uding, -di' -uding, -di'
son -'ai -'ai
son's daughter di'ing di'ing
son's son di'ing di'ing
wife -'ob -
wife's brother -afeng -
older brother -uding, -matu -uding, -matu
older brother's daughter -'ai -'ai
older brother's son -'ai -'ai
older sister -uding, -matu -uding, -matu
older sister's daughter -'ai -'ai
older sister's son -'ai -'ai
younger brother -uding, -di' -uding, -di'
younger brother's daughter -'ai -'ai
younger brother's son -'ai -'ai
younger sister -uding, -di' -uding, -di'
younger sister's daughter -'ai -'ai
younger sister's son -'ai -'ai