Parents' and Parents' Siblings
Nuclear family
Siblings and Cousins
Children and Niblings
All Kinterms
Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother's daughter anyaha anyaha
brother's son apyaha apyaha
child ansitkook ansitkook
daughter apkitka ankilwana apkitka ankilwana
daughter's daughter atawin atawin
daughter's husband -yiphayim, aphiphayim -yiphayim, aphiphayim
daughter's son aptawin aptawin
father anyapoŋ, apyapoŋ anyapoŋ, apyapoŋ
father's brother apyaha apyaha
father's father ap-yata ap-yata
father's mother an-yama an-yama
father's sister ankatim ankatim
father's older brother apyaha apyaha
father's older sister ankatim ankatim
father's younger brother apyaha apyaha
father's younger sister ankatim ankatim
grandparent apɬamakha, akɬamakha apɬamakha, akɬamakha
husband a-tawa a-tawa
husband's father -ipyata -ipyata
husband's mother -yipyaom -yipyaom
mother ankin ankin
mother's brother apyapka apyapka
mother's father ap-yata ap-yata
mother's mother an-yama an-yama
mother's sister ankin ankin
mother's older brother apyapka apyapka
mother's older sister ankin ankin
mother's younger brother apyapka apyapka
mother's younger sister ankin ankin
son apkitka apkinao apkitka apkinao
son's daughter atawin atawin
son's son aptawin aptawin
son's wife aptawin ankin, atawin ankin aptawin ankin, atawin ankin
wife ap-tawa ap-tawa
wife's father -ipyata -ipyata
wife's mother -yipyaom -yipyaom
sister's daughter anyaha anyaha
sister's son apyaha apyaha
older brother's daughter anyaha anyaha
older brother's son apyaha apyaha
older sister's daughter anyaha anyaha
older sister's son apyaha apyaha
younger brother anyaɬiŋ, apyaɬiŋ anyaɬiŋ, apyaɬiŋ
younger brother's daughter anyaha anyaha
younger brother's son apyaha apyaha
younger sister anyaɬiŋ, apyaɬiŋ anyaɬiŋ, apyaɬiŋ
younger sister's daughter anyaha anyaha
younger sister's son apyaha apyaha