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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
daughter peʼ-row, nǎ-te-nǎʼ-o peʼ-row, nǎ-te-nǎʼ-o
daughter's daughter nǎ-rǎ-ne-tishʼ-ǎ nǎ-rǎ-ne-tishʼ-ǎ
daughter's husband kohʼ-tä-waʼ-sǔh kohˑ-tä-waʼ-sǔh
daughter's son at-nuchʼ, nǎ-rǎ-ne-tishʼ-ǎ at-nuchʼ, nǎ-rǎ-ne-tishʼ-ǎ
father ah-teʼ-ah ah-teʼ-ah
father's brother's older daughter ah-teʼ-ta ah-teʼ-ta
father's brother's older son a-tnasʼ a-tnasʼ
father's brother's younger daughter ah-teʼ-ta ah-teʼ-ta
father's brother's younger son kä-witʼ-ta kä-witʼ-ta
father's father ah-teʼ-pot ah-teʼ-pot
father's mother ah-teʼ-kä ah-teʼ-kä
father's older brother ah-teʼ-ä ah-teʼ-ä
father's older sister atʼ-nä atʼ-nä
father's younger brother ah-teʼ-ä ah-teʼ-ä
father's younger sister atʼ-nä atʼ-nä
husband - ne-ko-ta-kooʼ
husband's father - nä-toot-käʼ-koo
husband's mother - nǎ-toot-käʼ-koo
mother at-näʼ at-näʼ
mother's father ah-teʼ-pot ah-teʼ-pot
mother's mother ah-teʼ-kä ah-teʼ-kä
mother's sisters's older daughter ah-teʼ-ta ah-teʼ-ta
mother's sisters's older son che-na-tunʼ a-tnasʼ
mother's sisters's younger daughter ah-teʼ-ta ah-teʼ-ta
mother's sisters's younger son kä-witʼ-ta kä-witʼ-tä
mother's older brother ah-te-wä-seʼ-rish ah-te-wä-seʼ-rish
mother's older sister atʼ-nä atʼ-nä
mother's younger brother ah-te-wä-seʼ-rish ah-te-wä-seʼ-rish
mother's younger sister atʼ-nä atʼ-nä
son peʼ-row, nǎ-te-nǎʼ-o peʼ-row, nǎ-te-nǎʼ-o
son's daughter nǎ-rǎ-ne-tishʼ-ǎ nǎ-rǎ-ne-tishʼ-ǎ
son's son at-nuchʼ, nǎ-rǎ-ne-tishʼ-ǎ at-nuchʼ, nǎ-rǎ-ne-tishʼ-ǎ
son's wife sko-rooʼ-hoo sko-rooʼ-hoo
wife nǎ-te-nä-tä-koo -
wife's father nä-toot-käʼ-koo -
wife's mother nä-toot-käʼ-koo -
older brother che-nǎ-tunʼ a-tnasʼ
older brother's daughter nǎ-te-näʼ-o nǎ-te-näʼ-o
older brother's son nǎ-te-näʼ-o at-nuchʼ
older sister ah-teʼ-ta ah-teʼ-ta
older sister's daughter ah-teʼ-natch nǎ-te-näʼ-o
older sister's son ah-teʼ-wut nǎ-te-näʼ-o
younger brother kä-witʼ-ta kä-witʼ-ta
younger brother's daughter nǎ-te-näʼ-o nǎ-te-näʼ-o
younger brother's son nǎ-te-näʼ-o at-nuchʼ
younger sister ah-teʼ-ta ah-teʼ-ta
younger sister's daughter ah-teʼ-natch nǎ-te-näʼ-o
younger sister's son ah-teʼ-wut nǎ-te-näʼ-o