Parents' and Parents' Siblings
Nuclear family
Siblings and Cousins
Children and Niblings
All Kinterms
Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother nipstir
daughter tcustik
father tata
father's brother nipstir
father's brother's daughter tokhopi
father's brother's son tokhopi
father's brother's older daughter tokhopi
father's brother's older son tokhopi
father's brother's younger daughter tokhopi
father's brother's younger son tokhopi
father's father apun
father's mother amun
father's sister petcir
father's sister's daughter tokhopi
father's sister's son tokhopi
father's sisters's older daughter tokhopi
father's sisters's older son tokhopi
father's sisters's younger daughter tokhopi
father's sisters's younger son tokhopi
father's older brother nipstir
father's older brother's daughter tokhopi
father's older brother's son tokhopi
father's older sister petcir
father's older sister's daughter tokhopi
father's older sister's son tokhopi
father's younger brother nipstir
father's younger brother's daughter tokhopi
father's younger brother's son tokhopi
father's younger sister petcir
father's younger sister's daughter tokhopi
father's younger sister's son tokhopi
husband's father mipswur
husband's mother mipswur
mother tcitci
mother's brother tsimi
mother's brother's daughter tokhopi
mother's brother's son tokhopi
mother's brother's older daughter tokhopi
mother's brother's older son tokhopi
mother's brother's younger daughter tokhopi
mother's brother's younger son tokhopi
mother's father aqon
mother's mother tcuwa
mother's sister midi
mother's sister's daughter tokhopi
mother's sister's son tokhopi
mother's sisters's older daughter tokhopi
mother's sisters's older son tokhopi
mother's sisters's younger daughter tokhopi
mother's sisters's younger son tokhopi
mother's older brother tsimi
mother's older brother's daughter tokhopi
mother's older brother's son tokhopi
mother's older sister midi
mother's older sister's daughter tokhopi
mother's older sister's son tokhopi
mother's younger brother tsimi
mother's younger brother's daughter tokhopi
mother's younger brother's son tokhopi
mother's younger sister midi
mother's younger sister's daughter tokhopi
mother's younger sister's son tokhopi
son hewiritsa
wife's father mipswur
wife's mother mipswur
sister's son nipstir
older sister romikeni
older sister's son nipstir
younger sister t'ida
younger sister's son nipstir