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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother's daughter bhatiji bhatiji
brother's son bhatijā bhatijā
brother's wife bhāyāhu, bhaujī, bhojāī gotni, bhāyāhu, bhaujī, bhojāī
daughter betī, dhiyarī betī, dhiyarī
daughter's husband damād, jamāi damād, jamāi
daughter's husband's mother samādhan samādhan
father pitā, bāpā, ājā pitā, bāpā, ājā
father's brother's wife kāki, cāci kāki, cāci
father's brother's older daughter pitiaut-bahan pitiaut-bahan
father's brother's older son pitiaut-bhāi pitiaut-bhāi
father's father dādā, bābā, ājā dādā, bābā, ājā
father's mother ājī, dāī, dādi ājī, dāī, dādi
father's wife (not mother) sautelī-mä sautelī-mä
father's sister's husband Phuphā Phuphā
father's sisters's older daughter phupheri-bahan phupheri-bahan
father's sisters's older son phupherā-bhāi phupherā-bhāi
father's older brother pitiyā pitiyā
father's younger brother kākā, cācā kākā, cācā
husband bhatār, dulhā bhatār, dulhā
husband's brother devar, bhāsur devar, bhāsur
husband's brother's daughter jayadi jayadi
husband's brother's son jaut jaut
husband's father sasur sasur
husband's mother sās, sāsu sās, sāsu
husband's sister nanada, jijī, didi nanada, jijī, didi
husband's sister's husband nanadoi nanadoi
husband's elder brother's wife jethāni jethāni
husband's younger brother's wife devrāni devrāni
mother maiyā, māyā, āiyā, iyā maiyā, māyā, āiyā, iyā
mother's brother's wife māmi māmi
mother's brother's older daughter mameri-bahan mameri-bahan
mother's brother's older son mamerā-bhāi mamerā-bhāi
mother's father nānā nānā
mother's husband (not father) kath bap kath bap
mother's mother nāni nāni
mother's sister's husband masuā masuā
mother's sisters's older daughter mauseri-bahan mauseri-bahan
mother's sisters's older son mauserā-bhāi mauserā-bhāi
mother's older brother māmā māmā
son pūta, betā pūta, betā
son's daughter Poti Poti
son's son Pota Pota
son's wife putoh, bahu putoh, bahu
son's wife's father samdhi samdhi
son's wife's mother samādhan samādhan
wife mehrāmi, dulhan, boh, gharni mehrāmi, dulhan, boh, gharni
wife's brother sārā sārā
wife's brother's wife sarhaj sarhaj
wife's father sasur sasur
wife's mother sās, sāsu sās, sāsu
wife's sister didi, sārī didi, sārī
wife's sister's husband sādhū sādhū
sister behan, bahan behan, bahan
sister's daughter bhānji bhānji
sister's husband bahan-jamāi, jijā pāhanuā, jijā
sister's son bhānjā bhānjā
older brother's daughter bhatiji bhatiji
older brother's son bhatijā bhatijā
older sister didī, jijī didī, jijī
older sister's daughter bhānji bhānji
older sister's son bhānjā bhānjā
younger brother's daughter bhatiji bhatiji
younger brother's son bhatijā bhatijā
younger sister behan, bahan behan, bahan
younger sister's daughter bhānji bhānji
younger sister's son bhānjā bhānjā