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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother's son bhagna bhagna
brother's wife hili, bhaikimin, kimin hili, bhaikimin, kimin
daughter beti, kurihon beti, kurihon
daughter's daughter natin natin
daughter's husband jawai, jamai jawai, jamai
daughter's husband's father samdhi samdhi
daughter's husband's mother samdhin samdhin
daughter's son nati nati
father aba, apu aba, apu
father's brother's wife gungu mai, kaki gungu mai, kaki
father's father aja, dada aja, dada
father's mother aji aji
father's sister hatom hatom
father's sister's husband gungu, mamu, hatom gungu, mamu, hatom
father's older brother gunga, gungu gunga, gungu
father's older sister hatom hatom
father's younger brother kaka kaka
father's younger brother's daughter gunga gunga
father's younger brother's son gunga gunga
father's younger sister hatom hatom
husband herel, heral herel, heral
husband's brother bauhonjhar, iriul bauhonjhar, iriul
husband's father honjhar honjhar
husband's mother hanar, honjharin hanar, honjharin
husband's sister aji-hanar aji-hanar
mother enga, mae enga, mae
mother's brother's wife hatom hatom
mother's father dada, nana dada, nana
mother's mother nani nani
mother's sister's husband gunga, mosa, gungu gunga, mosa, gungu
mother's older sister gungu mai gungu mai
mother's younger sister mosi, gunga mosi, gunga
son beta, hopon beta, hopon
son's daughter natin natin
son's son nati nati
wife era, erah era, erah
wife's brother sara, bauhonjhar sara, bauhonjhar
wife's father honjhar honjhar
wife's sister mosi, aji hanar mosi, aji hanar
sister's daughter bhagna bhagna
sister's husband teyang, aji hanar, teyong teyang, aji hanar, teyong
sister's son bhagna bhagna
co- wife hirum hirum
older brother dadu, dada dadu, dada
older brother's daughter dadarenibeti dadarenibeti
older brother's son dada reni hopon dada reni hopon
older sister didi, dadi didi, dadi
older sister's daughter bhagna bhagna
older sister's son didingreni hopon didingreni hopon
younger brother bhai, huding bhai, huding
younger brother's daughter gungu, bhegni gungu, bhegni
younger brother's son gungu gungu
younger sister bui bui
younger sister's daughter gungu gungu
younger sister's son gungu gungu