Parents' and Parents' Siblings
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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
daughter ne-tanʼ-ä ne-tanʼ-ä
daughter's daughter nee-soʼ-tän nee-soʼ-tän
daughter's husband nis nis
daughter's son nee-soʼ-tän nee-soʼ-tän
father ninʼ-ne ninʼ-ne
father's brother's older daughter ne-hisʼ-tä ne-hisʼ-tä
father's brother's older son nisʼ-sä nisʼ-sä
father's brother's younger daughter ne-sisʼ-sä ne-sisʼ-sä
father's brother's younger son nis-kuu nis-kuu
father's father ne-ahxsʼ ne-ahxsʼ
father's mother ne-tä-ke-ahˑxs ne-tä-ke-ahˑxs
father's sisters's older son nohˑ-säʼ-kinʼ-ame no-inʼ-nä
father's sisters's younger son nohˑ-sä-kinʼ-ame no-inʼ-nä
father's older brother ne-toʼ-to-mä ne-toʼ-to-mä
father's older sister ne-toʼ-tahxs ne-toʼ-tahxs
father's younger brother ne-toʼ-to-mä ne-toʼ-to-mä
father's younger sister ne-toʼ-tahxs ne-toʼ-tahxs
husband - noʼ-mä
husband's father - ninʼ-nä
husband's mother - neeʼ-kristʼ
mother neex-istʼ neex-istʼ
mother's brother's older daughter ne-täʼ-kame ne-hisʼ-ta
mother's brother's older son nohˑ-säʼ-kinʼ-ame no-inʼ-nä
mother's brother's younger daughter ne-täʼ-kame ne-sisʼ-sä
mother's brother's younger son nohˑ-säʼ-kinʼ-ame no-inʼ-nä
mother's father ne-ahxsʼ ne-ahxsʼ
mother's mother ne-tä-ke-ahˑxs ne-tä-ke-ahˑxs
mother's sisters's older daughter ne-hisʼ-tä ne-hisʼ-tä
mother's sisters's older son nisʼ-sä nisʼ-sä
mother's sisters's younger daughter ne-sisʼ-sä ne-sisʼ-sä
mother's sisters's younger son nis-kunʼ nis-kunʼ
mother's older brother neeʼ-sä neeʼ-sä
mother's older sister ne-toʼ-toax-is ne-toʼ-toax-is
mother's younger brother neeʼ-sä neeʼ-sä
mother's younger sister ne-toʼ-toax-is ne-toʼ-toax-is
son nohˑ-koʼ-ä nohˑ-koʼ-ä
son's daughter nee-soʼ-tän nee-soʼ-tän
son's son nee-soʼ-tän nee-soʼ-tän
son's wife ne-misʼ neʼ-mis
wife ne-tohˑ-keʼ-man -
wife's father nä-ahˑxsʼ -
wife's mother ne-täʼ-ke-ahˑxsʼ -
older brother nisʼ-sä nisʼ-sä
older brother's daughter ne-toʼ-to-tun ne-toʼ-to-tun
older brother's son ne-toʼ-to-kohˑʼ-a no-ǎʼ-toase
older sister nee-his-tä nee-his-tä
older sister's daughter ne-misʼ-sä ne-toʼ-to-tun
older sister's son no-ǎʼ-toase ne-toʼ-to-kohˑʼ-ǎ
younger brother nis-kunʼ nis-kunʼ
younger brother's daughter ne-toʼ-to-tun ne-toʼ-to-tun
younger brother's son ne-toʼ-to-kohˑʼ-a no-ǎʼ-toase
younger sister ne-sisʼ-sä ne-sisʼ-sä
younger sister's daughter ne-misʼ-sä ne-toʼ-to-tun
younger sister's son no-ǎʼ-toase ne-toʼ-to-kohˑʼ-ǎ