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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
daughter me-chunkʼ-she me-chunkʼ-she
daughter's daughter me-täʼ-ko-zhä me-täʼ-ko-zhä
daughter's husband me-täʼ-kosh me-täʼ-kosh
daughter's son me-täʼ-ko-zhä me-täʼ-ko-zhä
father ah-taʼ ah-taʼ
father's brother's older daughter tonk-aʼ chu-aʼ
father's brother's older son tib-a-loʼ tib-a-loʼ
father's brother's younger daughter me-tunkʼ-she me-tonkʼ-ä
father's brother's younger son me-sunkʼ-ä-lä me-sunkʼ-ä-lä
father's father tǒn-kǎʼ-she-lǎ tǒn-kǎʼ-she-lǎ
father's mother un-cheʼ un-cheʼ
father's sisters's older daughter hun-käʼ-she cha-päʼ-she
father's sisters's older son täʼ-häʼ-she she-chaʼ-she
father's sisters's younger daughter hun-käʼ-she cha-päʼ-she
father's sisters's younger son tä-häʼ-she she-chaʼ-she
father's older brother ah-taʼ ah-taʼ
father's older sister tohʼ-we tohʼ-we
father's younger brother ah-taʼ ah-taʼ
father's younger sister tohʼ-we tohʼ-we
husband - me-heʼ-gin-a
husband's father - tǔn̤-käʼ-she
husband's mother - un-cheʼ-she
mother eʼ-nah eʼ-nah
mother's brother's older daughter hun-käʼ-she cha-päʼ-she
mother's brother's older son täʼ-häʼ-she she-chaʼ-she
mother's brother's younger daughter hun-käʼ-she cha-päʼ-she
mother's brother's younger son täʼ-häʼ-she she-chaʼ-she
mother's father tǒn-kǎʼ-she-lǎ tǒn-kǎʼ-she-lǎ
mother's mother un-cheʼ un-cheʼ
mother's sisters's older daughter tonk-aʼ chu-aʼ
mother's sisters's older son me-cheʼ-a tib-a-loʼ
mother's sisters's younger daughter me-tunkʼ-she me-tonkʼ-ä
mother's sisters's younger son me-sunkʼ-ä-lä me-sunkʼ-ä-lä
mother's older brother lakeʼ-she lakeʼ-she
mother's older sister eʼ-nah eʼ-nah
mother's younger brother lakeʼ-she lakeʼ-she
mother's younger sister eʼ-nah eʼ-nah
son me-chinkʼ-she me-chinkʼ-she
son's daughter me-täʼ-ko-zhä me-täʼ-ko-zhä
son's son me-täʼ-ko-zhä me-täʼ-ko-zhä
son's wife me-täʼ-kosh me-täʼ-kosh
wife me-täʼ-we-ah -
wife's father tǔn-käʼ-she -
wife's mother un-cheʼ-she -
older brother me-cheʼ-a tib-a-loʼ
older brother's daughter me-chunkʼ-she me-chunkʼ-she
older brother's son me-chinkʼ-she me-toaseʼ-kä
older sister tonk-aʼ chu-aʼ
older sister's daughter me-tohʼ-zhä me-chunkʼ-she
older sister's son me-toaseʼ-kä me-chinkʼ-she
younger brother me-sunkʼ-ä-lä me-sunkʼ-ä-lä
younger brother's daughter me-chunkʼ-she me-chunkʼ-she
younger brother's son me-chinkʼ-she me-toaseʼ-kä
younger sister me-tänkʼ-she me-tonkʼ-ä
younger sister's daughter me-tohʼ-zhä me-chunkʼ-she
younger sister's son me-toaseʼ-kä me-chinkʼ-she