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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
daughter ka-häʼ-wuk ka-häʼ-wuk
daughter's daughter ka-yäʼ-dra ka-yäʼ-dra
daughter's husband unc-naʼ-hose unc-naʼ-hose
daughter's son ha-yäʼ-dra ha-yäʼ-dra
father häʼ-nih häʼ-nih
father's brother's older daughter uh-jeʼ-ah uh-jeʼ-ah
father's brother's older son kuh-jeʼ-ah kuh-jeʼ-ah
father's brother's younger daughter ka-gǎʼ-ah ka-gǎʼ-ah
father's brother's younger son ha-gǎʼ-ah ha-gǎʼ-ah
father's father hocʼ-sote hocʼ-sote
father's mother ocʼ-sote ocʼ-sote
father's sisters's older daughter ah-ge-ahʼ-seh ah-ge-ahʼ-seh
father's sisters's older son ah-ge-ahʼ-seh ah-ge-ahʼ-seh
father's sisters's younger daughter ah-ge-ahʼ-seh ah-ge-ahʼ-seh
father's sisters's younger son ah-ge-ahʼ-seh ah-ge-ahʼ-seh
father's older brother häʼ-nih häʼ-nih
father's older sister knoʼ-hä knoʼ-hä
father's younger brother häʼ-nih häʼ-nih
father's younger sister knoʼ-hä knoʼ-hä
husband - da-yäke-ne-yäʼ-seh
husband's father - hä-gaʼ-sä-ah
husband's mother - on̤-gaʼ-sä-ah
mother knoʼ-hä knoʼ-hä
mother's brother's older daughter ah-ge-ahʼ-seh ah-ge-ahʼ-seh
mother's brother's older son ah-ge-ahʼ-seh ah-ge-ahʼ-seh
mother's brother's younger daughter ah-ge-ahʼ-seh ah-ge-ahʼ-seh
mother's brother's younger son ah-ge-ahʼ-seh ah-ge-ahʼ-seh
mother's father hocʼ-sote hocʼ-sote
mother's mother ocʼ-sote ocʼ-sote
mother's sisters's older daughter uh-jeʼ-ah uh-jeʼ-ah
mother's sisters's older son kuh-jeʼ-ah kuh-jeʼ-ah
mother's sisters's younger daughter ka-gǎʼ-ah ka-gǎʼ-ah
mother's sisters's younger son ha-gǎʼ-ah ha-gǎʼ-ah
mother's older brother kuh-noʼ-seh kuh-noʼ-seh
mother's older sister knoʼ-hä knoʼ-hä
mother's younger brother kuh-noʼ-seh kuh-noʼ-seh
mother's younger sister knoʼ-hä knoʼ-hä
son ha-häʼ-wuk ha-häʼ-wuk
son's daughter ka-yäʼ-dra ka-yäʼ-dra
son's son ha-yäʼ-dra ha-yäʼ-dra
son's wife ka-sa-yuhʼ ka-sa-yuhʼ
wife da-yäke-ne-yäʼ-seh -
wife's father unc-naʼ-hose -
wife's mother unc-naʼ-hose -
older brother kuh-jeʼ-ah kuh-jeʼ-ah
older brother's daughter ka-häʼ-wuk ka-häʼ-wuk
older brother's son ha-häʼ-wuk ha-häʼ-wuk
older sister uh-jeʼ-ah uh-jeʼ-ah
older sister's daughter ka-yuhʼ-wä-deh ka-häʼ-wuk
older sister's son ha-yuhʼ-wä-deh ha-häʼ-wuk
younger brother ha-gǎʼ-ah ha-gǎʼ-ah
younger brother's daughter ka-häʼ-wuk ka-häʼ-wuk
younger brother's son ha-häʼ-wuk ha-häʼ-wuk
younger sister ka-gǎʼ-ah ka-gǎʼ-ah
younger sister's daughter ka-yuhʼ-wä-deh ka-häʼ-wuk
younger sister's son ha-yuhʼ-wä-deh ha-häʼ-wuk