Parents' and Parents' Siblings
Nuclear family
Siblings and Cousins
Children and Niblings
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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
daughter nǎ-tunʼ nǎ-tunʼ
daughter's daughter nä-hˑ-käʼ nä-hˑ-käʼ
daughter's husband nich-äʼ nich-äʼ
daughter's son nä-hˑ-käʼ nä-hˑ-käʼ
father nǎ-oʼ-a nǎ-oʼ-a
father's brother's older daughter nǎ-maʼ nǎ-maʼ
father's brother's older son nǎ-neʼ-ä nǎ-neʼ-ä
father's brother's younger daughter nǎ-sim-ǎʼ nǎ-sim-ǎʼ
father's brother's younger son nǎ-sim-ǎʼ nǎ-sim-ǎʼ
father's father nam-a-shimʼ nam-a-shimʼ
father's mother na-vishʼ-kim na-vishʼ-kim
father's older brother nǎ-oʼ-a nǎ-oʼ-a
father's older sister nǎ-unʼ nǎ-unʼ
father's younger brother nǎ-oʼ-a nǎ-oʼ-a
father's younger sister nǎ-unʼ nǎ-unʼ
husband - naʼ-am
husband's father - na-mǐ-shemeʼ
husband's mother - nǎ-rǐ-skimʼ
mother nǎʼ-ko nǎʼ-ko
mother's father nam-a-shimʼ nam-a-shimʼ
mother's mother na-vishʼ-kim na-vishʼ-kim
mother's sisters's older daughter nǎ-maʼ nǎ-maʼ
mother's sisters's older son nǎ-neʼ-ä nä-neʼ-ä
mother's sisters's younger daughter nǎ-sim-ǎʼ nǎ-sim-ǎʼ
mother's sisters's younger son nǎ-sim-ǎʼ nǎ-sim-ǎʼ
mother's older brother na-sheʼ na-sheʼ
mother's older sister nǎʼ-ko nǎʼ-ko
mother's younger brother na-sheʼ na-sheʼ
mother's younger sister nǎʼ-ko nǎʼ-ko
son näʼ näʼ
son's daughter nä-hˑ-käʼ nä-hˑ-käʼ
son's son nä-hˑ-käʼ nä-hˑ-käʼ
son's wife nichʼ-ä nichʼ-ä
wife nǎ-tsem -
wife's father na-mǐ-shemeʼ -
wife's mother na-ri-skimʼ -
older brother nä-neʼ-ä nä-neʼ-ä
older brother's daughter nǎ-tunʼ nǎ-tunʼ
older brother's son nǎ-chinʼ-e-tä
older sister nǎ-maʼ nǎ-maʼ
older sister's daughter ne-sheʼ-mis nǎ-tunʼ
older sister's son nǎ-chinʼ-e-tä
younger brother nǎ-sim-ǎʼ nǎ-sim-ǎʼ
younger brother's daughter nǎ-tunʼ nǎ-tunʼ
younger brother's son nǎ-chinʼ-e-tä
younger sister nǎ-sim-ǎʼ nǎ-sim-ǎʼ
younger sister's daughter ne-sheʼ-mis nǎ-tunʼ
younger sister's son nǎ-chinʼ-e-tä