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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
daughter naˈbunʒi nabunzhi
daughter's daughter natukkwa natukkwa
daughter's son natukkwa natukkwa
father naˈhate nahate
father's father naˈbama, nahate dweba nahate dweba, nabama
father's mother naˈsaχa, nahaba wẽzhu nasaka, nahaba wẽzhu
father's older brother nakahã nakahã
father's older sister nakahã nakahã
father's younger brother nakahã nakahã
father's younger sister nakahã nakahã
husband - naseˈwa
husband's father - nahwasgwi
husband's mother - nakagi
mother naˈhaba nahaba
mother's father nahate dweba, nabama nahate dweba, nabama
mother's mother nasaka, nahaba wẽzhu nasaka, nahaba wẽzhu
mother's older brother nakahã nakahã
mother's older sister nakahã nakahã
mother's younger brother nakahã nakahã
mother's younger sister nakahã nakahã
son naˈskwa naskwá
son's daughter natukkwa natukkwa
son's son naˈtukkwa natukkwa
wife naseˈwa -
wife's father naˈhwʌsgwi -
wife's mother naˈkagi -
older brother naˈtwe naˈtwe
older brother's daughter nabunzhi nabunzhi
older brother's son naskwá naskwá
older sister naˈɮu naˈɮu
older sister's daughter nabunzhi nabunzhi
older sister's son naskwá naskwá
younger brother naˈɮaɲi naˈhasɨ
younger brother's daughter nabunzhi nabunzhi
younger brother's son naskwá naskwá
younger sister naˈhasɨ naˈɮaɲi
younger sister's daughter nabunzhi nabunzhi
younger sister's son naskwá naskwá