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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
daughter chuch-husʼ-te chuch-husʼ-wä
daughter's daughter um-os-sǔsʼ-wä um-os-sǔsʼ-wä
daughter's husband un-hu-tisʼ-se un-hu-tisʼ-se
daughter's son um-os-sǔsʼ-wä um-os-sǔsʼ-wä
father chuhlʼ-ke chuhlʼ-ke
father's brother's older daughter chu-wunʼ-wä chu-hläʼ-hä
father's brother's older son chu-chihlʼ-wä chu-chihlʼ-wä
father's brother's younger daughter chu-wunʼ-wä chu-chǔʼ-se
father's brother's younger son um-it-te-chäˑkeʼ-to chu-chihlʼ-wä
father's father cha-pǔ-chäʼ cha-pǔ-chäʼ
father's mother cha-pǔʼ-se cha-pǔʼ-se
father's sisters's older daughter chu-pǔʼ-se chu-pǔʼ-se
father's sisters's older son chuhlʼ-kǔ-cheʼ chuhlʼ-kǔ-cheʼ
father's sisters's younger daughter chu-pǔʼ-se chu-pǔʼ-se
father's sisters's younger son chuhlʼ-kǔ-cheʼ chuhlʼ-kǔ-cheʼ
father's older brother chulʼ-kǔ-cheʼ chulʼ-kǔ-cheʼ
father's older sister chu-pǔʼ-se chu-pǔʼ-se
father's younger brother chulʼ-kǔ-cheʼ chulʼ-kǔ-cheʼ
father's younger sister chu-pǔʼ-se chu-pǔʼ-se
husband - chu-heʼ
husband's father - um-mäʼ-he
husband's mother - um-hok-tǔlʼ-wä
mother chutchʼ-ke chutchʼ-ke
mother's brother's older daughter chuch-husʼ-te um-os-sǔsʼ-wä
mother's brother's older son chup-pǔʼ-che um-os-sǔsʼ-wä
mother's brother's younger daughter chuch-husʼ-te um-os-sǔsʼ-wä
mother's brother's younger son chup-pǔʼ-che um-os-sǔsʼ-wä
mother's father cha-pǔ-chäʼ cha-pǔ-chäʼ
mother's mother cha-pǔʼ-se cha-pǔʼ-se
mother's sisters's older daughter chu-wunʼ-wä chu-hläʼ-hä
mother's sisters's older son chu-hläʼ-hä chu-chilʼ-wä
mother's sisters's younger daughter chu-wunʼ-wä chu-chǔʼ-se
mother's sisters's younger son chu-chǔʼ-se chu-chihlʼ-wä
mother's older brother chu-päʼ-wä chu-päʼ-wä
mother's older sister chuch-kǔʼ-ce chuch-kǔʼ-ce
mother's younger brother chu-päʼ-wä chu-päʼ-wä
mother's younger sister chuch-kǔʼ-ce chuch-kǔʼ-ce
son chup-pǔʼ-che chuch-husʼ-wä
son's daughter um-os-sǔsʼ-wä um-os-sǔsʼ-wä
son's son um-os-sǔsʼ-wä um-os-sǔsʼ-wä
son's wife un-hu-tisʼ-se un-hu-tisʼ-se
wife chu-hiʼ-wä -
wife's father um-mäʼ-he -
wife's mother un-hok-tǔlʼ-wä -
older brother chu-hlä-hä chu-chihlʼ-wa
older brother's daughter chu-chusʼ-te chu-chusʼ-te
older brother's son chup-pǔʼ-che um-os-sǔs-wä
older sister chu-wunʼ-wä chu-hläʼ-hä
older sister's daughter un-häkʼ-pu-te chu-chusʼ-wä
older sister's son un-ho-pǔeʼ-wä chuch-ho-sǔ-che
younger brother chu-chǔʼ-se chu-chihlʼ-wä
younger brother's daughter chu-chusʼ-te chu-chusʼ-te
younger brother's son chup-pǔʼ-che um-os-sǔs-wä
younger sister chu-wunʼ-wä chu-chǔʼ-se
younger sister's daughter un-häkʼ-pu-te chu-chusʼ-wä
younger sister's son un-ho-pǔeʼ-wä chuch-ho-sǔ-che