Parents' and Parents' Siblings
Nuclear family
Siblings and Cousins
Children and Niblings
All Kinterms
Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother's wife kabirni, ngambiyirni ngambiyirni
daughter bibirni kulirni, bibirni
daughter's daughter kaminjirrirni -
daughter's husband lambarra, kaminjarra lambarra, kaminjarra
daughter's son jaminja -
father kirda, lala kirda, lala
father's brother's older daughter bibirni bibirni
father's brother's older son baba baba
father's brother's younger daughter birdirdini birdirdini
father's brother's younger son bardarda bardarda
father's father kangkuya -
father's mother ngabujirni ngabujirni
father's sisters's older daughter ankila ankilirni
father's sisters's older son ankila ankilirni
father's sisters's younger daughter ankila ankilirni
father's sisters's younger son ankila ankilirni
father's older brother kirda, lala kanya, lala
father's older sister lilirni kirda, lilirni
father's younger brother kirda, lala kanya, lala
father's younger sister lilirni kirda, lilirni
husband - ngambiya
husband's brother - ngambiya
husband's father - lambarra
husband's mother - jiyirni
husband's sister - ngambiyirni
mother jakardini jakardini
mother's brother's older daughter ankila ankilirni
mother's brother's older son ankila ankilirni
mother's brother's younger daughter ankila ankilirni
mother's brother's younger son ankila ankilirni
mother's father jaminja jaminja
mother's mother kukurni kukurni
mother's sisters's older daughter bibirni bibirni
mother's sisters's older son baba baba
mother's sisters's younger daughter birdirdini birdirdini
mother's sisters's younger son bardarda bardarda
mother's older brother kanya kanya
mother's older sister jakardini jakardini
mother's younger brother kanya kanya
mother's younger sister jakardini jakardini
son biba biba, kula
son's daughter kangkuyirni ngabujirni
son's son kangkuya ngabuja, kaminjirrirni
son's wife limbirrirni, lambarra jiyirni, limbirrirni, lambarra
wife kabirni, ngambiyirni -
wife's brother ngambiya -
wife's father kula, lambarra -
wife's mother jiyirni -
wife's sister kabirni, ngambiyirni -
sister's husband ngambiya ngambiya
older brother baba baba
older brother's daughter bibirni bibirni
older brother's son biba biba
older sister bibirni bibirni
older sister's daughter kulirni kulirni
older sister's son kula kula
younger brother bardarda bardarda
younger brother's daughter bibirni bibirni
younger brother's son biba biba
younger sister birdirdini birdirdini
younger sister's daughter kulirni kulirni
younger sister's son kula kula