Parents' and Parents' Siblings
Nuclear family
Siblings and Cousins
Children and Niblings
All Kinterms
Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother - ndzkih
brother's daughter Ginh Ginh
brother's son Ginh Ginh
daughter tsii -
daughter's daughter ’weeshGAkih chuukih
daughter's son ’weeshGAkih chuukih
father taa’ taa’
father's brother tinh tinh
father's father ’uhshiyah ’uhshiyah
father's mother k’inhshiyah k’inhshiyah
father's sister ’ahd ’ahd
father's older brother tinh tinh
father's older sister ’ahd ’ahd
father's younger brother tinh tinh
father's younger sister ’ahd ’ahd
husband Xa’ wAX iit’inhinh Xa’ wAX iit’inhinh
husband's father yAtaa’ yAtaa’
husband's mother - siyadan
husband's sister qa’lA’ehdG qa’lA’ehdG
mother aan aan
mother's brother gaag gaag
mother's father ’weeshGAshiyah ’weeshGAshiyah
mother's mother chuushiyah chuushiyah
mother's sister yaaq’e’ yaaq’e’
mother's older brother gaag gaag
mother's older sister yaaq’e’ yaaq’e’
mother's younger brother gaag gaag
mother's younger sister yaaq’e’ yaaq’e’
son sAqeeG -
son's daughter ’uhkih k’inhkih
son's son ’uhkih k’inhkih
son's wife yA’ehd -
wife ’ehd ’ehd
wife's father yAtaa’ yAtaa’
wife's mother siyadah -
sister's daughter Ginh Ginh
sister's son Ginh Ginh
older brother XAwAX XAwAX
older brother's daughter Ginh Ginh
older brother's son Ginh Ginh
older sister - tsa’kih
older sister's daughter Ginh Ginh
older sister's son Ginh Ginh
younger brother dAGee’ dAGee’
younger brother's daughter Ginh Ginh
younger brother's son Ginh Ginh
younger sister dAGee’ dAGee’
younger sister's daughter Ginh Ginh
younger sister's son Ginh Ginh