Parents' and Parents' Siblings
Nuclear family
Siblings and Cousins
Children and Niblings
All Kinterms
Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother - pirï
brother's wife moúsarê metaton
child - ymê
daughter yemirê -
daughter's daughter parï parï
daughter's husband parïman parïman
daughter's son parï parï
father yüman yüman
father's brother's daughter's daughter takanô yemirê
father's brother's daughter's son patuman ymê
father's brother's son ymuru -
father's brother's son's daughter yemirê pasê
father's brother's son's son ymuru patuman
father's brother's wife papapitê papapitê
father's brother's older daughter - payrï
father's brother's older son irï -
father's brother's younger daughter - pitï
father's brother's younger son pirï -
father's father tamuru tamuru
father's mother notï notï
father's wife (not mother) sanondonê sanondonê
father's sister's daughter takanô yerutê
father's sister's daughter's daughter parï parï
father's sister's daughter's son parï parï
father's sister's husband opiiñon opiiñon
father's sister's son paman katobô
father's sister's son's daughter parï parï
father's sister's son's son parï parï
father's older brother yüman yüman
father's older brother's son ymuru -
father's older sister yawôpirï yawôpirï
father's older sister's daughter takanô yerutê
father's older sister's son paman -
father's younger brother yüman yüman
father's younger brother's son ymuru -
father's younger sister yawôpirï yawôpirï
father's younger sister's daughter takanô yerutê
father's younger sister's son paman -
husband - i–on
husband's brother - moúsarê
husband's brother's wife - yerudê
husband's daughter (not daughter) - nisanondoré
husband's father - ymetamuru
husband's mother - ymenotï
husband's son (not son) - nisanondoré
husband's sister - metaton
husband's sister's husband - metatoniñon
mother sanon sanon
mother's brother's daughter takanô yerutê
mother's brother's daughter's daughter parï parï
mother's brother's daughter's son parï parï
mother's brother's son paman katobô
mother's brother's son's daughter parï pasê
mother's brother's son's son parï parï
mother's brother's wife yawôpitê yawôpitê
mother's father tamuru tamuru
mother's husband (not father) parïsanon, yunondonê parïsanon, yunondonê
mother's mother notï notï
mother's sister's daughter's daughter takanô yemirê
mother's sister's daughter's son patuman ymê
mother's sister's husband tataiñon tataiñon
mother's sister's son's daughter yemirê -
mother's sister's son's son ymuru patuman
mother's sisters's older daughter - payrï
mother's sisters's older son irï -
mother's sisters's younger daughter - pitï
mother's sisters's younger son pirï -
mother's older brother katobô katobô
mother's older brother's daughter takanô yerutê
mother's older brother's son paman -
mother's older sister sanon sanon
mother's younger brother's daughter takanô yerutê
mother's younger brother's son paman -
mother's younger sister sanon sanon
son ymuru -
son's daughter parï parï
son's son parï parï
wife pïtê -
wife's brother metaton -
wife's brother's wife metatonpïtê -
wife's daughter (not daughter) niundorê -
wife's father tamusanon -
wife's mother nonsanon -
wife's son (not son) niundorê -
wife's sister moúsarê -
wife's sister's husband yundê -
sister yenautê -
sister's husband metaton moúsarê
older brother irï yayá
older brother's daughter yemirê pasê
older brother's son ymuru patuman
elder brother's wife yayapïtê -
older sister wawá payrï
older sister's daughter takanô -
elder sister's husband wawaiñon wawaiñon
older sister's son patuman ymê
younger brother pirï tiom
younger brother's daughter yemirê pasê
younger brother's son ymuru patuman
younger brother's wife tiompïtê -
younger sister xonen pitï
younger sister's daughter takanô -
younger sister's husband xoneniñon xoneniñon
younger sister's son patuman ymê