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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother's wife kawé kawé
daughter ulu bëre, sulu bëre, bensu ulu bëre, sulu bëre, bensu
daughter's daughter kumpu kumpu
daughter's husband kile kile
daughter's son kumpu kumpu
father ama ama
father's father awan pedih awan pedih
father's mother anan pedih anan pedih
father's older brother ama ama
father's older sister ine ine
father's younger brother ama ama
father's younger sister ine ine
husband - rawan
husband's brother - temude, tuen èra
husband's father - tuen
husband's mother - inen tue
husband's sister - kawé
mother ine ine
mother's father awan alik awan alik
mother's mother anan alik anan alik
mother's older brother pôn pôn
mother's older sister ibi, ue ibi, ue
mother's younger brother pôn pôn
mother's younger sister ibi, ue ibi, ue
son ulu bëre, sulu bëre, bensu ulu bëre, sulu bëre, bensu
son's daughter kumpu kumpu
son's son kumpu kumpu
son's wife pemèn pemèn
wife's father tuen -
wife's mother inen tue -
wife's sister kawé -
older brother abang, peserinen abang, dengan
older brother's daughter until until
older brother's son until until
older sister aka, dengan peserinen, aka
older sister's daughter until until
older sister's son until until
younger brother engfli, peserinen engfli, dengan
younger brother's daughter until until
younger brother's son until until
younger sister engfli, dengan engfli, peserinen
younger sister's daughter until until
younger sister's son until until