Parents' and Parents' Siblings
Nuclear family
Siblings and Cousins
Children and Niblings
All Kinterms
Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother's wife nakau, nara namau
daughter naramo naramo
daughter's daughter nakarau nakarau
daughter's husband - namari
daughter's son nakarau nakarau
father naba naba
father's father auba, kore naba auba, kore naba
father's mother e-nano e-nano
father's sister's daughter nasi -
father's sisters's older daughter nasi -
father's sisters's younger daughter nasi -
father's older sister's daughter nasi -
father's younger sister's daughter nasi -
husband - nabado
husband's brother - nakau, nara
husband's father - nanatu
husband's sister - namau
mother nano nano
mother's brother's daughter nasi -
mother's brother's older daughter nasi -
mother's brother's younger daughter nasi -
mother's father auba, kore naba auba, kore naba
mother's mother e-nano e-nano
mother's sister's daughter nasi -
mother's sister's son nanokai -
mother's sisters's older daughter nasi -
mother's sisters's older son nanokai -
mother's sisters's younger daughter nasi -
mother's sisters's younger son nanokai -
mother's older brother nanati -
mother's older brother's daughter nasi -
mother's older sister's daughter nasi -
mother's older sister's son nanokai -
mother's younger brother nanati -
mother's younger brother's daughter nasi -
mother's younger sister's daughter nasi -
mother's younger sister's son nanokai -
son namabu namabu
son's daughter nakarau nakarau
son's son nakarau nakarau
son's wife nanatu nanatu
wife nanaro -
wife's brother natu -
wife's father nadimu -
wife's mother nadimu -
sister's husband natu -
older brother nakau nasi
older sister nasi nakau
older sister's daughter namaka -
older sister's son namaka -
younger brother nara nasi
younger sister nasi nara
younger sister's daughter namaka -
younger sister's son namaka -