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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
daughter sa-toʼ-a sa-toʼ-a
daughter's daughter sa-to-͡͡aʼ-bǎ sa-to-͡͡aʼ-bǎ
daughter's husband sa-tsäʼ-ya sa-ya-ze-la-jaʼ-kwe, sa-jaʼ-kwe
daughter's son sa-kenʼ-ne sa-kenʼ-ne
father sa-täʼ sa-täʼ
father's brother's older daughter sa-daʼ-za sa-daʼ-za
father's brother's older son sun-noʼ-gä sun-noʼ-gä
father's brother's younger daughter sa-daʼ-za-yǎʼ-za sa-daʼ-za-yǎʼ-za
father's brother's younger son sǔn-noʼ-gä-yǎʼ-za sǔn-noʼ-gä-yǎʼ-ze
father's father sa-täʼ-chock sa-täʼ-chock
father's mother sa-choʼ-na sa-choʼ-na
father's sisters's older daughter sa-tso-yǎʼ-za saʼ-ga
father's sisters's older son sa-ga-yǎʼ-za sa-tse-yǎʼ-za
father's sisters's younger daughter sa-tso-yǎʼ-za saʼ-ga
father's sisters's younger son sa-ga-yǎʼ-za sa-tso-yǎʼ-za
father's older brother sa-täʼ sa-täʼ
father's older sister ba-tsoʼ-na ba-tsoʼ-na
father's younger brother sa-täʼ sa-täʼ
father's younger sister ba-tsoʼ-na ba-tsoʼ-na
husband - sa-tenʼ-ne
husband's father - sa-tenʼ-ne-ba-tä
husband's mother - sa-choʼ-na
mother enʼ-de enʼ-de
mother's brother's older daughter sa-tso-yǎʼ-za saʼ-yǎʼ
mother's brother's older son sa-ga-yǎʼ-za sa-ga-yǎʼ-za
mother's brother's younger daughter sa-tso-yǎʼ-za saʼ-ga
mother's brother's younger son sa-ga-yǎʼ-za sa-ga-yǎʼ-za
mother's father sa-täʼ-chock sa-täʼ-chock
mother's mother sa-choʼ-na sa-choʼ-na
mother's sisters's older daughter sa-daʼ-za sa-daʼ-za
mother's sisters's older son sǔn-noʼ-ga sǔn-noʼ-ga
mother's sisters's younger daughter sa-daʼ-za-yǎʼ-za sa-daʼ-za-yǎʼ-za
mother's sisters's younger son sǔn-noʼ-gä-yǎʼ-za sǔn-noʼ-gä-yǎ-za
mother's older brother a-na-bǎʼ-che-la a-na-bǎʼ-che-la
mother's older sister aʼ-na aʼ-na
mother's younger brother a-na-bǎʼ-che-la a-na-bǎʼ-che-la
mother's younger sister aʼ-na aʼ-na
son sa-yäʼ-za sa-yäʼ-za
son's daughter sa-to-͡͡aʼ-bǎ sa-to-͡͡aʼ-bǎ
son's son sa-kenʼ-ne sa-kenʼ-ne
son's wife sa-tsäʼ-ya sa-yä-za-la-jaʼ-kwe, sa-tsäʼ-ya
wife sa-jaʼ-kwe -
wife's father sa-jaʼ-kwe-ba-tä -
wife's mother aʼ-nä -
older brother sǔn-noʼ-ga sǔn-noʼ-ga
older brother's daughter sa-toʼ-a sa-toʼ-a
older brother's son sa-yäʼ-za sa-yǎʼ-za
older sister sa-daʼ-za sa-daʼ-za
older sister's daughter sa-to-aʼ sa-toʼ-a
older sister's son sa-yäʼ-za sa-yäʼ-za
younger brother sǔn-noʼ-gä-yǎʼ-za sǔn-noʼ-gä-yǎʼ-za
younger brother's daughter sa-toʼ-a sa-toʼ-a
younger brother's son sa-yäʼ-za sa-yǎʼ-za
younger sister sa-daʼ-za-yǎʼ-za sa-daʼ-za-yǎʼ-za
younger sister's daughter sa-to-aʼ sa-toʼ-a
younger sister's son sa-yäʼ-za sa-yäʼ-za