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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
daughter mäʼ-kä mäʼ-kä
daughter's daughter met-a-wä-pishʼ-sha met-a-wä-pishʼ-sha
daughter's husband mä-tooʼ-te ma-tooʼ-te
daughter's son met-a-wä-pishʼ-sha met-a-wä-pishʼ-sha
father tä-taʼ tä-taʼ
father's brother's older daughter mat-tä-weʼ-ä mä-rǔʼ
father's brother's older son ma-täʼ-rooʼ ma-täʼ-rooʼ
father's brother's younger daughter mǎ-tä-kaʼ-zhä mǎ-tä-kaʼ-zhä
father's brother's younger son ma-soʼ-gä mat-soʼ-gä
father's father mä-toosh-a-rǔʼ-tä-kä mä-toosh-a-rǔʼ-tä-kä
father's mother kä-rǔʼ-hǎ kä-rǔʼ-hǎ
father's sisters's older daughter ihʼˑkä ihʼ-kä
father's sisters's older son tä-taʼ tä-taʼ
father's sisters's younger daughter ihʼ-kä ihʼ-kä
father's sisters's younger son tä-taʼ tä-taʼ
father's older brother tä-taʼ tä-taʼ
father's older sister kä-ruʼ-hǎ kä-ruʼ-hǎ
father's younger brother tä-taʼ tä-taʼ
father's younger sister kä-ruʼ-hǎ kä-ruʼ-hǎ
husband - mä-ke-rǎʼ
husband's father - mä-näʼ-tish
husband's mother - mä-too-täʼ-kä
mother ihʼ-kä ihʼ-kä
mother's brother's older daughter mǎʼ-kä mǎʼ-kä
mother's brother's older son mǎ-de-shäʼ mǎ-de-shäʼ
mother's brother's younger daughter mǎʼ-kä mǎʼ-kä
mother's brother's younger son mǎ-de-shäʼ mǎ-de-shäʼ
mother's father mä-toosh-a-rǔʼ-tä-kä mä-toosh-a-rǔʼ-tä-kä
mother's mother kä-rǔʼ-hǎ kä-rǔʼ-hǎ
mother's sisters's older daughter mat-tä-weʼ-ä mä-rooʼ
mother's sisters's older son mee-äʼ-kä ma-tä-rooʼ
mother's sisters's younger daughter mǎ-tä-kaʼ-zhä mǎ-tä-kaʼ-zhä
mother's sisters's younger son mat-soʼ-gä mat-soʼ-gä
mother's older brother me-äʼ-ka mä-tä-rooʼ
mother's older sister ihʼ-kä ihʼ-kä
mother's younger brother me-äʼ-ka mä-tä-rooʼ
mother's younger sister ihʼ-kä ihʼ-kä
son mǎ-de-shäʼ mǎ-de-shäʼ
son's daughter met-a-wä-pishʼ-sha met-a-wä-pishʼ-sha
son's son met-a-wä-pishʼ-sha met-a-wä-pishʼ-sha
son's wife mä-tooʼ-gä mä-tooʼ-gä
wife mä-tä-rǎ-weʼ-ä -
wife's father mä-näʼ-tish -
wife's mother mä-too-täʼ-kä -
older brother mee-ä-käʼ ma-tä-rooʼ
older brother's daughter mä-käʼ mä-käʼ
older brother's son mǎ-de-shäʼ met-a-wä-pishʼ-sha
older sister mat-tä-weʼ-ä mä-roo
older sister's daughter mǎ-tä-käʼ-zhä mä-käʼ
older sister's son mat-soʼ-gä mǎ-de-shäʼ
younger brother mat-soʼ-gä mat-soʼ-gä
younger brother's daughter mä-käʼ mä-käʼ
younger brother's son mǎ-de-shäʼ met-a-wä-pishʼ-sha
younger sister mǎ-tä-kaʼ-zhä mǎ-tä-kaʼ-zhä
younger sister's daughter mǎ-tä-käʼ-zhä mä-käʼ
younger sister's son mat-soʼ-gä mǎ-de-shäʼ