Parents' and Parents' Siblings
Nuclear family
Siblings and Cousins
Children and Niblings
All Kinterms
Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother's daughter tedilte tedilte
brother's son tedilte tedilte
brother's wife - we
child xai xai
daughter tse yatce
daughter's daughter tsoi kyai
daughter's son tsoi kyai
father ta ta
father's brother tai tai
father's father maatcwuñ maatcwuñ
father's mother tcin tcin
father's wife (not mother) unkai unkai
father's sister aditcwu aditcwu
father's older brother tai tai
father's older sister aditcwu aditcwu
father's younger brother tai tai
father's younger sister aditcwu aditcwu
husband xan xan
husband's brother - we
husband's father wûntce wûntce
husband's mother metcetcwuñ metcetcwuñ
mother antcuiñ antcuiñ
mother's brother is is
mother's father chuwe chuwe
mother's husband (not father) tai tai
mother's mother tcwo tcwo
mother's sister unkai unkai
mother's older brother is is
mother's older sister unkai unkai
mother's younger brother is is
mother's younger sister unkai unkai
son xai xai
son's wife wûndan wûndan
wife aat aat
wife's brother kai kai
wife's father wûntce wûntce
wife's mother metcetcwuñ metcetcwuñ
wife's sister wetce -
sister's daughter actce actce
sister's husband wetce, kai kai
sister's son auw auw
co- wife lintce lintce
older brother uñutc uñutc
older brother's daughter tedilte tedilte
older brother's son tedilte tedilte
older sister at at
older sister's daughter actce actce
older sister's son auw auw
younger brother kil kil
younger brother's daughter tedilte tedilte
younger brother's son tedilte tedilte
younger sister detc detc
younger sister's daughter actce actce
younger sister's son auw auw