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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother -parape -parape
brother's daughter -čehi, -'anewa -čehi, -'anewa
brother's son -čehi, -'anewa -čehi, -'anewa
daughter esu -čiča esu -čiča
daughter's daughter -'amari -'amari
daughter's husband čina-re, -čina čina-re, -čina
daughter's son -'amari -'amari
father -iya, tikačiča, iyare -iya, tikačiča, iyare
father's brother's daughter -čehi -čehi
father's brother's son -čehi -čehi
father's brother's older daughter -čehi -čehi
father's brother's older son -čehi -čehi
father's brother's younger daughter -čehi -čehi
father's brother's younger son -čehi -čehi
father's father -'ačuka, aču -'ačuka, aču
father's mother -ac̷e, c̷ec̷e -ac̷e, c̷ec̷e
father's sister's daughter -čehi -čehi
father's sister's son -čehi -čehi
father's sisters's older daughter -čehi -čehi
father's sisters's older son -čehi -čehi
father's sisters's younger daughter -čehi -čehi
father's sisters's younger son -čehi -čehi
father's older brother's daughter -čehi -čehi
father's older brother's son -čehi -čehi
father's older sister's daughter -čehi -čehi
father's older sister's son -čehi -čehi
father's younger brother's daughter -čehi -čehi
father's younger brother's son -čehi -čehi
father's younger sister's daughter -čehi -čehi
father's younger sister's son -čehi -čehi
grandparent -parape -parape
husband -ima, -ima-re -ima, -ima-re
husband's father -'imačuka -'imačuka
husband's mother -'imase -'imase
mother meme, -'ena meme, -'ena
mother's brother's daughter -čehi -čehi
mother's brother's son -čehi -čehi
mother's brother's older daughter -čehi -čehi
mother's brother's older son -čehi -čehi
mother's brother's younger daughter -čehi -čehi
mother's brother's younger son -čehi -čehi
mother's father -'ačuka, aču -'ačuka, aču
mother's mother -ac̷e, c̷ec̷e -ac̷e, c̷ec̷e
mother's sister's daughter -čehi -čehi
mother's sister's son -čehi -čehi
mother's sisters's older daughter -čehi -čehi
mother's sisters's older son -čehi -čehi
mother's sisters's younger daughter -čehi -čehi
mother's sisters's younger son -čehi -čehi
mother's older brother's daughter -čehi -čehi
mother's older brother's son -čehi -čehi
mother's older sister's daughter -čehi -čehi
mother's older sister's son -čehi -čehi
mother's younger brother's daughter -čehi -čehi
mother's younger brother's son -čehi -čehi
mother's younger sister's daughter -čehi -čehi
mother's younger sister's son -čehi -čehi
son eɲi -čiča, ema -čiča eɲi -čiča, ema -čiča
son's daughter -'amari -'amari
son's son -'amari -'amari
son's wife činenaka, -činena činenaka, -činena
wife yena-re, -yena yena-re, -yena
wife's father -'imačuka -'imačuka
wife's mother -'imase -'imase
sister -parape -parape
sister's daughter -čehi, -'anewa -čehi, -'anewa
sister's son -čehi, -'anewa -čehi, -'anewa
older brother -parape -parape
older brother's daughter -čehi, -'anewa -čehi, -'anewa
older brother's son -čehi, -'anewa -čehi, -'anewa
older sister -parape -parape
older sister's daughter -čehi, -'anewa -čehi, -'anewa
older sister's son -čehi, -'anewa -čehi, -'anewa
younger brother natimuri natimuri
younger brother's daughter -čehi, -'anewa -čehi, -'anewa
younger brother's son -čehi, -'anewa -čehi, -'anewa
younger sister ati, -ati ati, -ati
younger sister's daughter -čehi, -'anewa -čehi, -'anewa
younger sister's son -čehi, -'anewa -čehi, -'anewa