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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
daughter hee-yun̤ʼ-ga hee-yun̤ʼ-ga
daughter's daughter heen-täʼ-kwä-me heen-täʼ-kwä-me
daughter's husband wä-doʼ-hä wä-doʼ-hä
daughter's son heen-täʼ-kwä heen-täʼ-kwä
father heenʼ-kä heenʼ-kä
father's brother's older daughter he-yuʼ-nä heen-tan̤ʼ-ga
father's brother's older son he-yenʼ-nä he-yenʼ-nä
father's brother's younger daughter heen-tanʼ-ya heen-tun̤ʼ-ga
father's brother's younger son heen-thun̤ʼ-ga e-chunʼ-cha
father's father hee-tooʼ-ga hee-tooʼ-ga
father's mother hee-kooʼ-n'-ye hee-kooʼ-n'-ye
father's sisters's older daughter heen-toasʼ-ka-me heen-yun̤ʼ-ga
father's sisters's older son heen-toansʼ-ka hee-yin̤ʼ-ga
father's sisters's younger daughter heen-toasʼ-ka-me heen-yun̤ʼ-ga
father's sisters's younger son heen-toasʼ-ka hee-yin̤ʼ-ga
father's older brother heenʼ-kä heenʼ-kä
father's older sister heen-tooʼ-me heen-tooʼ-me
father's younger brother heenʼ-kä heenʼ-kä
father's younger sister heen-tooʼ-me heen-tooʼ-me
husband - heen-gäʼ-me
husband's father - hee-tooʼ-ga
husband's mother - he-koo-n'-ye
mother heenʼ-nä heenʼ-nä
mother's brother's older daughter heenʼ-nah heenʼ-nah
mother's brother's older son heen-jaʼ-kä heen-jaʼ-kä
mother's brother's younger daughter heenʼ-nä heenʼ-nä
mother's brother's younger son heen-jaʼ-kä heen-jaʼ-kä
mother's father hee-tooʼ-ga hee-tooʼ-ga
mother's mother hee-kooʼ-n'-ye hee-kooʼ-n'-ye
mother's sisters's older daughter hee-uʼ-nä heen-tan̤ʼ-ga
mother's sisters's older son he-yenʼ-nä he-yenʼ-nä
mother's sisters's younger daughter heen-tan̤ʼ-ya heen-tun̤ʼ-ya
mother's sisters's younger son heen-thun̤ʼ-ga e-chunʼ-cha
mother's older brother heen-jaʼ-kä heen-jaʼ-kä
mother's older sister heenʼ-nä heenʼ-nä
mother's younger brother heen-jaʼ-kä heen-jaʼ-kä
mother's younger sister heenʼ-nä heenʼ-nä
son hee-yin̤ʼ-ga hee-yin̤ʼ-ga
son's daughter heen-täʼ-kwä-me heen-täʼ-kwä-me
son's son heen-täʼ-kwä heen-täʼ-kwä
son's wife heen-toanʼ-ye heen-toanʼ-ye
wife hee-täʼ-me -
wife's father hee-tooʼ-ga -
wife's mother he-tooʼ-n'ye -
older brother he-yenʼ-nä he-yenʼ-nä
older brother's daughter hee-yun̤ʼ-ga hee-yun̤ʼ-ga
older brother's son hee-yinʼ-ga heen-toasʼ-ka
older sister he-yuʼ-nä heen-tan̤ʼ-ga
older sister's daughter heen-toasʼ-ka-me hee-yun̤ʼ-ga
older sister's son heen-toasʼ-ka hee-yin̤ʼ-ga
younger brother heen-thun̤ʼ-ga e-chunʼ-cha
younger brother's daughter hee-yun̤ʼ-ga hee-yun̤ʼ-ga
younger brother's son hee-yinʼ-ga heen-toasʼ-ka
younger sister heen-tan̤ʼ-ya heen-tun̤ʼ-ga
younger sister's daughter heen-toasʼ-ka-me hee-yun̤ʼ-ga
younger sister's son heen-toasʼ-ka hee-yin̤ʼ-ga