Parents' and Parents' Siblings
Nuclear family
Siblings and Cousins
Children and Niblings
All Kinterms
Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
child -les -les
daughter -axseʔ -axseʔ
daughter's daughter -siyeʔ, -kiyeʔ -siyeʔ, -kiyeʔ
daughter's husband -fʷeluʔ, -fʷiluʔ -fʷeluʔ, -fʷiluʔ
daughter's son -kiyes, siyes -kiyes, siyes
father -naʔ, -nye -naʔ
father's brother's daughter -tyelas -tyelas
father's brother's son -tyelas -tyelas
father's brother's older daughter -tyelas -tyelas
father's brother's older son -tyelas -tyelas
father's brother's younger daughter -tyelas -tyelas
father's brother's younger son -tyelas -tyelas
father's father -tʔek, totyuʔ -tʔek, totyuʔ
father's mother -eyi -eyi
father's sister's daughter -tyelas -tyelas
father's sister's son -tyelas -tyelas
father's sisters's older daughter -tyelas -tyelas
father's sisters's older son -tyelas -tyelas
father's sisters's younger daughter -tyelas -tyelas
father's sisters's younger son -tyelas -tyelas
father's older brother's daughter -tyelas -tyelas
father's older brother's son -tyelas -tyelas
father's older sister's daughter -tyelas -tyelas
father's older sister's son -tyelas -tyelas
father's younger brother's daughter -tyelas -tyelas
father's younger brother's son -tyelas -tyelas
father's younger sister's daughter -tyelas -tyelas
father's younger sister's son -tyelas -tyelas
husband -kilwaʔ, -ilwaʔ, -c̷ilwaʔ -kilwaʔ, -ilwaʔ, -c̷ilwaʔ
husband's father -kante-k -kante-k
husband's mother -kanteʔ -kanteʔ
mother et, meme et, meme
mother's brother's daughter -tyelas -tyelas
mother's brother's son -tyelas -tyelas
mother's brother's older daughter -tyelas -tyelas
mother's brother's older son -tyelas -tyelas
mother's brother's younger daughter -tyelas -tyelas
mother's brother's younger son -tyelas -tyelas
mother's father -tʔek, totyuʔ -tʔek, totyuʔ
mother's mother -eyi -eyi
mother's sister's daughter -tyelas -tyelas
mother's sister's son -tyelas -tyelas
mother's sisters's older daughter -tyelas -tyelas
mother's sisters's older son -tyelas -tyelas
mother's sisters's younger daughter -tyelas -tyelas
mother's sisters's younger son -tyelas -tyelas
mother's older brother's daughter -tyelas -tyelas
mother's older brother's son -tyelas -tyelas
mother's older sister's daughter -tyelas -tyelas
mother's older sister's son -tyelas -tyelas
mother's younger brother's daughter -tyelas -tyelas
mother's younger brother's son -tyelas -tyelas
mother's younger sister's daughter -tyelas -tyelas
mother's younger sister's son -tyelas -tyelas
son -as -as
son's daughter -siyeʔ, -kiyeʔ -siyeʔ, -kiyeʔ
son's son -kiyes, siyes -kiyes, siyes
son's wife -fʷeles -fʷeles
wife -c̷ilfʷaʔ, -ilfʷaʔ, -kilfʷaʔ -c̷ilfʷaʔ, -ilfʷaʔ, -kilfʷaʔ
wife's father -kante-k -kante-k
wife's mother -kyanteʔ, -kanteʔ -kyanteʔ, -kanteʔ
younger brother -c̷ini, -kini, -ini -c̷ini, -kini, -ini
younger sister -kixnyeʔ -kixnyeʔ