Parents' and Parents' Siblings
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Children and Niblings
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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother !o !o
brother's daughter tsuma -
brother's son tsuma, tsoma tsuma, tsoma
brother's wife tun, txõ-ma otsu, txõ-ma
child da'ama da'ama
daughter *xae *xae
daughter's daughter tuma tuma
daughter's husband's father n!umba n!umba
daughter's husband's mother n!untai n!untai
daughter's son !kuma !kuma
father ba ba
father's brother tsu tsu
father's brother's older daughter tun -
father's brother's older son !kun!a -
father's brother's younger daughter tuma -
father's brother's younger son !kuma -
father's father !kun!a, !Un!a'a !kun!a, !Un!a'a
father's mother txõ, tun, mama txõ, tun, mama
father's sister ga, gllaa ga, gllaa
father's sisters's older daughter tun -
father's sisters's older son !kun!a -
father's sisters's younger daughter tuma -
father's sisters's younger son !kuma -
husband ! 'hwa !kwa, ! 'hwa
husband's brother txõ-g!a tun!ga, txõ-g!a
husband's father - ≠tum
husband's mother I'udz'huu otsu, I'udz'huu
husband's sister txõ-ma otsu, txõ-ma
mother eiya, tae eiya, tae
mother's brother tsu tsu
mother's brother's older daughter tun -
mother's brother's older son !kun!a -
mother's brother's younger daughter tuma -
mother's brother's younger son !kuma -
mother's father !kun!a, !Un!a'a !kun!a, !Un!a'a
mother's husband (not father) ba-tsu ba-tsu
mother's mother txõ, tun, mama txõ, tun, mama
mother's sister ga, gllaa ga, gllaa
mother's sisters's older daughter tun -
mother's sisters's older son !kun!a -
mother's sisters's younger daughter tuma -
mother's sisters's younger son !kuma -
son !'ha !'ha
son's daughter tuma tuma
son's son !kuma !kuma
son's wife's father n!umba n!umba
son's wife's mother n!untai n!untai
twin haharokhwe haharokhwe
wife tš'u-n!eng, tsiu, !'eul 'a tš'u-n!eng, !'eul 'a
wife's brother tun!ga, txõ-g!a txõ-g!a
wife's father ≠tum -
wife's mother otsu, I'udz'huu I'udz'huu
wife's sister tun, txõ-ma txõ-ma
sister !wi !wi
sister's daughter - gama
sister's husband tun!ga, txõ-g!a tun!ga, txõ-g!a
sister's son tsuma, tsoma tsuma, tsoma
older brother !ko !ko
older sister !kwi !kwi
younger brother tsin tsin
younger sister tsin tsin