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Nuclear family
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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother's wife nuna -
daughter mɔ:fa' -
daughter's daughter tata -
daughter's husband - nɛna'
daughter's son tata -
father neia -
father's father nɛgi:ho'ei tata
father's mother nɛgohofa:vɛ' -
father's sister's daughter nɛnafu -
father's sister's son nɛnafu -
father's sisters's older daughter nɛnafu -
father's sisters's older son nɛnafu -
father's sisters's younger daughter nɛnafu -
father's sisters's younger son nɛnafu -
father's older brother nefa -
father's older sister mɔ:mɔ: -
father's older sister's daughter nɛnafu -
father's older sister's son nɛnafu -
father's younger brother nefa -
father's younger sister mɔ:mɔ: -
father's younger sister's daughter nɛnafu -
father's younger sister's son nɛnafu -
husband - nɛvəvi'ei
mother nɛnɛrera:'ei -
mother's brother's daughter nɛnafu -
mother's brother's son nɛnafu -
mother's brother's older daughter nɛnafu -
mother's brother's older son nɛnafu -
mother's brother's younger daughter nɛnafu -
mother's brother's younger son nɛnafu -
mother's older brother a:ku -
mother's older brother's daughter nɛnafu -
mother's older brother's son nɛnafu -
mother's younger brother a:ku -
mother's younger brother's daughter nɛnafu -
mother's younger brother's son nɛnafu -
son kenemɔ:fɔ: -
son's daughter tata -
son's son tata -
son's wife nɛnenofiru'ei -
wife a'ni -
wife's brother nenəgru'ei -
wife's sister nenəgru'ei -
sister's husband nenəgru'ei nenəgru'ei
older brother nimpu -
older brother's daughter mɔ:fa' -
older brother's son nenemɔ:fɔ:' -
older sister nɛza:rɔ:ei -
older sister's daughter a:ku -
older sister's son a:ku -
younger brother nɛgana' -
younger brother's daughter mɔ:fa' -
younger brother's son nenemɔ:fɔ:' -
younger sister nɛza:rɔ:ei -
younger sister's daughter a:ku -
younger sister's son a:ku -