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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
daughter she-meʼ-she-gä she-meʼ-she-gä
daughter's daughter be-choseʼ-pä be-choseʼ-pä
daughter's husband be-toʼ-ja be-toʼ-ja
daughter's son be-choseʼ-pä be-choseʼ-pä
father e-däʼ-je e-däʼ-je
father's brother's older daughter be-tun̤ʼ-ga be-shoʼ-wa
father's brother's older son be-cheʼ-do be-cheʼ-do
father's brother's younger daughter be-tun̤ʼ-gä-zhinʼ-gä ah-seʼ-zhe-gä
father's brother's younger son be-sun̤ʼ-gä be-sun̤ʼ-gä
father's father be-cheʼ-cho be-cheʼ-cho
father's mother e-koʼ e-koʼ
father's sisters's older daughter be-cheʼ-zho she-meʼ-she-gä
father's sisters's older son be-choseʼ-kä be-sheʼ-gä
father's sisters's younger daughter be-cheʼ-zho she-meʼ-she-gä
father's sisters's younger son be-shoseʼ-kä be-sheʼ-gä
father's older brother e-däʼ-je e-däʼ-je
father's older sister be-jeʼ-me be-jeʼ-me
father's younger brother e-däʼ-je e-däʼ-je
father's younger sister be-jeʼ-me be-jeʼ-me
husband - ne-kaʼ
husband's father - be-cheʼ-go
husband's mother - e-koʼ
mother eʼ-naw eʼ-naw
mother's brother's older daughter eʼ-naw eʼ-naw
mother's brother's older son be-jaʼ-ga be-jaʼ-ga
mother's brother's younger daughter eʼ-naw eʼ-naw
mother's brother's younger son be-jaʼ-ga be-jaʼ-ga
mother's father be-cheʼ-cho be-cheʼ-cho
mother's mother e-koʼ e-koʼ
mother's sisters's older daughter be-tun̤ʼ-ga be-shoʼ-wa
mother's sisters's older son be-zheʼ-thǎ be-cheʼ-do
mother's sisters's younger daughter be-tun̤ʼ-gä-zhinʼ-gä ah-seʼ-zhe-gä
mother's sisters's younger son be-sun̤ʼ-gä be-sun̤ʼ-gä
mother's older brother be-jaʼ-ga be-jaʼ-ga
mother's older sister eʼ-naw eʼ-naw
mother's younger brother be-jaʼ-ga be-jaʼ-ga
mother's younger sister eʼ-naw eʼ-naw
son be-sheʼ-gä be-sheʼ-gä
son's daughter be-choseʼ-pä be-choseʼ-pä
son's son be-choseʼ-pä be-choseʼ-pä
son's wife be-jeʼ-na be-jeʼ-na
wife wä-koʼ -
wife's father s'ahʼ-ga -
wife's mother wä-koʼ-s'ah-ga -
older brother be-zheʼ-yeh be-cheʼ-do
older brother's daughter sheʼ-meʼ-she-gä sheʼ-meʼ-she-gä
older brother's son be-sheʼ-gä be-choseʼ-kä
older sister be-tun̤ʼ-ga be-shoʼ-wa
older sister's daughter be-cheʼ-zho sheʼ-meʼ-she-gǎ
older sister's son be-choseʼ-kä be-sheʼ-gä
younger brother be-sun̤ʼ-gä be-sun̤ʼ-gä
younger brother's daughter sheʼ-meʼ-she-gä sheʼ-meʼ-she-gä
younger brother's son be-sheʼ-gä be-choseʼ-kä
younger sister be-tun̤ʼ-gä-zhin̤ʼ-gä ah-seʼ-zhe-gä
younger sister's daughter be-cheʼ-zho sheʼ-meʼ-she-gǎ
younger sister's son be-choseʼ-kä be-sheʼ-gä