Parents' and Parents' Siblings
Nuclear family
Siblings and Cousins
Children and Niblings
All Kinterms
Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother - syky
child's child ogot -
daughter's daughter sokite'et ´ete'et
daughter's son sokite'et ´ete'et
father syp syp
father's father owoj owoj
father's mother timõj timõj
father's sister sokit -
father's older brother syp-ty, sywytyy -
father's older sister sokit sokit
father's younger brother syp-'et syp-sîn
father's younger sister sokit sokit
husband - mãn
mother ti ti
mother's brother tait syky'et
mother's older brother tait syky'et
mother's older brother's daughter haja'et haja'et
mother's older sister's son haja'et haja'et
mother's younger brother tait syky'et
mother's younger brother's daughter kõrõg'et kõrõg'et
mother's younger sister's son kõrõg'et kõrõg'et
parent's parent õmmyj õmmyj
son's daughter sokite'et ´ete'et
son's son sokite'et ´ete'et
wife soj -
wife's brother symo -
wife's mother pãm -
sister pa'în -
sister's husband - mosy
_a_eBD tiogot -
_a_eBS irogot -
_a_eZD tiogot haja-'et
_a_eZS irogot haja-'et
_a_yBD tiogot -
_a_yBS irogot -
_a_yZD tiogot kõrõg-'et
_a_yZS irogot kõrõg-'et
_c_BC saka'et -
_c_MeZ tityy tityy
_c_MyZ te'et te'et
_c_ZC saka'et -
_c_eBD saka'et -
_c_eBS saka'et -
_c_eZD saka'et -
_c_eZS saka'et -
_c_yBD saka'et -
_c_yBS saka'et -
_c_yZD saka'et -
_c_yZS saka'et -
older brother haj haj
older sister pa'în -
younger brother keet -
younger sister pa'în kypeet