Parents' and Parents' Siblings
Nuclear family
Siblings and Cousins
Children and Niblings
All Kinterms
Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
child omwåana omwåana
child's child omwíízúkulu omwíízúkulu
daughter omu-hálá omu-hálá
daughter's daughter omwíízúkulu omwíízúkulu
daughter's husband omu-kwéélíma omu-kwéélíma
daughter's husband's father en-sáánzí en-sáánzí
daughter's husband's mother en-sáánzí en-sáánzí
daughter's son omwíízúkulu omwíízúkulu
father táta táta
father's father gúúkú gúúkú
father's mother ninéénkúlu ninéénkúlu
father's sister iséénkázi iséénkázi
father's older sister iséénkázi iséénkázi
father's younger sister iséénkázi iséénkázi
husband íbá íbá, yéébe
husband's brother omu-láma omu-láma
husband's father isézáala isézáala
husband's mother mázáala mázáala
mother mááwe mááwe
mother's brother joomba joomba
mother's father gúúkú gúúkú
mother's mother ninéénkúlu ninéénkúlu
mother's older brother joomba joomba
mother's younger brother joomba joomba
parent omu-zééle omu-zééle
son táta táta
son's daughter omwíízúkulu omwíízúkulu
son's son omwíízúkulu omwíízúkulu
son's wife omu-kaamwáána omu-kaamwáána
son's wife's father en-sáánzí en-sáánzí
son's wife's mother en-sáánzí en-sáánzí
wife omu-kázi omu-kázi
wife's brother omu-láma omu-láma
wife's father isézáala isézáala
wife's mother mázáala mázáala
sister omu-hálá omu-hálá
sister's daughter omwííhwåkazi -
sister's son omwííhwa -
co- wife nachéé'ndwá, omu-keebááne nachéé'ndwá, omu-keebááne
older sister omu-hálá omu-hálá
older sister's daughter omwííhwåkazi -
older sister's son omwííhwa -
younger sister omu-hálá omu-hálá
younger sister's daughter omwííhwåkazi -
younger sister's son omwííhwa -