Parents' and Parents' Siblings
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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
daughter nǐ-tä-na-thäʼ nǐ-tä-na-thäʼ
daughter's daughter na-se-thäʼ-mä na-se-thäʼ-mä
daughter's husband na-nǎ-kwam-nǎʼ na-nǎ-kwam-nǎʼ
daughter's son na-se-thäʼ-mä na-se-thäʼ-mä
father no-thäʼ no-thäʼ
father's brother's older daughter ni-tǎ-kwǎʼ-mǎ ni-tǎ-kwǎʼ-mǎ
father's brother's older son ni-to-ta-mǎʼ ni-to-ta-mǎʼ
father's brother's younger daughter ne-tǎ-kwǎ-mǎ na-tǎ-tǎʼ-mǎ
father's brother's younger son ni-to-ta-mǎʼ ni-to-ta-mǎʼ
father's father nem-ma-sooʼ-ma-thǎ nem-ma-sooʼ-ma-thǎ
father's mother no-ko-ma-some-thǎʼ no-ko-ma-some-thǎʼ
father's sisters's older daughter ni-sem-e-thǎʼ ni-ton-na-thǎʼ
father's sisters's older son nen-na-kwǎ-na-thǎ niʼ-kwǐ-thǎ
father's sisters's younger daughter ni-sem-e-thǎʼ ni-ton-na-thǎʼ
father's sisters's younger son nen-na-kwǎ-na-thǎ niʼ-kwǐ-thǎ
father's older brother no-thäʼ no-thäʼ
father's older sister na-tha-kwi-thǎʼ na-tha-kwi-thǎʼ
father's younger brother no-thäʼ no-thäʼ
father's younger sister na-tha-kwi-thǎʼ na-tha-kwi-thǎʼ
husband - na-nǎ-pa-mǎ
husband's father - wa-siʼ-na-mǎ-kǎ
husband's mother - wa-siʼ-na-mǎ-kǎ
mother nǐ-ke-͡äʼ nǐ-ke-͡äʼ
mother's brother's older daughter ni-ke-͡äʼ ni-ke-͡äʼ
mother's brother's older son na-si-thäʼ na-si-thäʼ
mother's brother's younger daughter ni-ke-͡äʼ ni-ke-͡äʼ
mother's brother's younger son na-si-thäʼ na-si-thäʼ
mother's father nem-ma-sooʼ-ma-thǎ nem-ma-sooʼ-ma-thǎ
mother's mother no-ko-ma-some-thǎʼ no-ko-ma-some-thǎʼ
mother's sisters's older daughter ne-tǎ-kwǎʼ-mǐ ne ta-kwǎʼ-mǐʼ
mother's sisters's older son ni-to-ta-mǎʼ ni-to-ta-mǎʼ
mother's sisters's younger daughter ne-ta-kwǎ-mǐ na-ta-tǎ-mǎ
mother's sisters's younger son ni-to-ta-mäʼ ni-to-ta-mäʼ
mother's older brother na-si-thǎʼ na-si-thǎʼ
mother's older sister ni-ke-͡äʼ ni-ke-͡äʼ
mother's younger brother na-si-thǎʼ na-si-thǎʼ
mother's younger sister ni-ke-͡äʼ ni-ke-͡äʼ
son nǐ-kwě-thäʼ nǐ-kwě-thäʼ
son's daughter na-se-thäʼ-mä na-se-thäʼ-mä
son's son na-se-thäʼ-mä na-se-thäʼ-mä
son's wife nich-äʼ na-them-mi-lǎ
wife na-wǎ -
wife's father wa-siʼ-na-mǎ-kǎ -
wife's mother wa-siʼ-na-mǎ-kǎ -
older brother ni-tha-thäʼ ni-tha-thäʼ
older brother's daughter nǐ-ton-nǎ-thǎʼ nǐ-ton-nǎ-thǎʼ
older brother's son nǐ-kwě-thäʼ nen-na-kwǎ-na
older sister ni-mi-thäʼ ni-mi-thäʼ
older sister's daughter na-sem e-thǎʼ nǐ-ton-nǎ-thǎʼ
older sister's son nen-na-kwǎ-na-thǎʼ nǐ-kwǐ-thǎʼ
younger brother kä-chǎ-nä-thǎʼ-mi kä-chǎ-mä-thǎʼ-mi
younger brother's daughter nǐ-ton-nǎ-thǎʼ nǐ-ton-nǎ-thǎʼ
younger brother's son nǐ-kwě-thäʼ nen-na-kwǎ-na
younger sister kä-chǎ-mä-thǎʼ-ni kä-chǎ-nä-thǎʼ-ni
younger sister's daughter na-sem e-thǎʼ nǐ-ton-nǎ-thǎʼ
younger sister's son nen-na-kwǎ-na-thǎʼ nǐ-kwǐ-thǎʼ