Parents' and Parents' Siblings
Nuclear family
Siblings and Cousins
Children and Niblings
All Kinterms
Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother's wife - -amo
daughter -iyol -iyol
daughter's husband -edat -edat
father -mam -mam
father's brother's older daughter -ura -nana
father's brother's older son -nana -ura
father's brother's younger daughter -ura -naga
father's brother's younger son -naga -ura
father's sisters's older daughter -ura -nana
father's sisters's older son -nana -ura, -eni
father's sisters's younger daughter -ura -naga
father's sisters's younger son -naga -ura, -eni
father's older brother -mam, -nana -mam, -nana
father's older sister -iyai -iyai
father's younger brother -mam, -naga -mam, -naga
father's younger sister -iyai -iyai
husband - gei nen
husband's father - -edat
husband's mother - -edat
husband's sister - -amo
mother -iyai -iyai
mother's brother's older daughter -ura, -eni -nana
mother's brother's older son -nana -ura
mother's brother's younger daughter -ura, -eni -naga
mother's brother's younger son -naga -ura
mother's sisters's older daughter -ura -nana
mother's sisters's older son -nana -ura
mother's sisters's younger daughter -ura -naga
mother's sisters's younger son -naga -ura
mother's older brother -mamyra -mamyra
mother's older sister -iyai -iyai
mother's younger brother -mamyra -mamyra
mother's younger sister -iyai -iyai
son -iyol -iyol
son's wife -edat -edat
wife gei mei -
wife's brother -eni -
wife's father -edat -
wife's mother -edat -
sister's husband -amo, -eni -
older brother -nana, baki -ura, baki
older sister -ura, baki -nana, baki
younger brother ika, -naga ika, -ura
younger sister ika, -ura ika, -naga