Parents' and Parents' Siblings
Nuclear family
Siblings and Cousins
Children and Niblings
All Kinterms
Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother's wife mbai mbai
daughter mio mio
daughter's daughter lono lono
daughter's husband nemo nemo
daughter's son lono lono
father are are
father's brother's older daughter nani nani
father's brother's older son nai nai
father's brother's younger daughter wambü wambü
father's brother's younger son wambü wambü
father's father ndare ndare
father's mother ama ama
father's sisters's older daughter mio mio
father's sisters's older son mio mio
father's sisters's younger daughter mio mio
father's sisters's younger son mio mio
father's older brother are are
father's older sister moro moro
father's younger brother are are
father's younger sister moro moro
husband - wabi
husband's brother - mbai
husband's father - nuno
husband's mother - nuno
husband's sister - mbai
mother yeni yeni
mother's brother's older daughter yeni yeni
mother's brother's older son are are
mother's brother's younger daughter yeni yeni
mother's brother's younger son are are
mother's father ndare ndare
mother's mother ama ama
mother's sisters's older daughter nani nani
mother's sisters's older son nai nai
mother's sisters's younger daughter wambü wambü
mother's sisters's younger son wambü wambü
mother's older brother momo momo
mother's older sister yeni yeni
mother's younger brother momo momo
mother's younger sister yeni yeni
son mio mio
son's daughter lono lono
son's son lono lono
son's wife nuno nuno
wife la -
wife's brother mbai -
wife's father nemo -
wife's mother khuni -
wife's sister mbai -
sister's husband mbai mbai
older brother nai nai
older brother's daughter mio mio
older brother's son mio mio
older sister nani nani
older sister's daughter mio mio
older sister's son langge mio
younger brother wambü wambü
younger brother's daughter mio mio
younger brother's son mio mio
younger sister wambü wambü
younger sister's daughter mio mio
younger sister's son langge mio