Parents' and Parents' Siblings
Nuclear family
Siblings and Cousins
Children and Niblings
All Kinterms
Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother's wife khamokh nggé, nokho
daughter lal lal
daughter's daughter khafun khafun
daughter's husband lalum lalum
daughter's son khafun khafun
father até até
father's brother's older daughter aw aw
father's brother's older son afé afé
father's brother's younger daughter modol modol
father's brother's younger son mofekha mofekha
father's father andüop andüop
father's mother makh makh
father's sisters's older daughter salal lal
father's sisters's older son sabül abül
father's sisters's younger daughter salal lal
father's sisters's younger son sabül abül
father's older brother até até
father's older sister mul mul
father's younger brother até até
father's younger sister mul mul
husband - um
husband's brother - khaimon
husband's father - ban
husband's mother - ban, bandakhhol
husband's sister - nggé, nokho
mother ni ni
mother's brother's older daughter ni ni
mother's brother's older son mom mom
mother's brother's younger daughter ni ni
mother's brother's younger son mom mom
mother's father andüop andüop
mother's mother makh makh
mother's sisters's older daughter aw aw
mother's sisters's older son afé afé
mother's sisters's younger daughter modol modol
mother's sisters's younger son mofekha mofekha
mother's older brother mom mom
mother's older sister ni ni
mother's younger brother mom mom
mother's younger sister ni ni
son abül abül
son's daughter khafun khafun
son's son khafun khafun
son's wife nanü nanü
wife defol -
wife's brother nabul -
wife's father ban -
wife's mother ban, bandakhhol -
wife's sister nabul -
sister's husband nabul nabul
older brother afé afé
older brother's daughter lal salal
older brother's son abül abül
older sister aw aw
older sister's daughter salal lal
older sister's son sabül sabül
younger brother mofekha mofekha
younger brother's daughter lal salal
younger brother's son abül abül
younger sister modol modol
younger sister's daughter salal lal
younger sister's son sabül sabül