Parents' and Parents' Siblings
Nuclear family
Siblings and Cousins
Children and Niblings
All Kinterms
Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother zimi -
child paka -
daughter's son n'ntekulu -
father hangwè -
father's brother hangwè -
father's brother's daughter kadi -
father's brother's son mbomo -
father's brother's older daughter kadi -
father's brother's older son mbomo -
father's brother's younger daughter kadi -
father's brother's younger son mbomo -
father's father koko -
father's mother koko -
father's sister màmá -
father's sister's daughter mamà -
father's sister's son hangwé -
father's sisters's older daughter mamà -
father's sisters's older son hangwé -
father's sisters's younger daughter mamà -
father's sisters's younger son hangwé -
father's older brother hangwè -
father's older brother's daughter kadi -
father's older brother's son mbomo -
father's older sister màmá -
father's older sister's daughter mamà -
father's older sister's son hangwé -
father's younger brother hangwè -
father's younger brother's daughter kadi -
father's younger brother's son mbomo -
father's younger sister màmá -
father's younger sister's daughter mamà -
father's younger sister's son hangwé -
husband - múmì
husband's father - tjíò
mother nyangwè -
mother's brother lawu -
mother's brother's son mwana -
mother's brother's older son mwana -
mother's brother's younger son mwana -
mother's father koko -
mother's mother koko -
mother's sister nyangwè, màmá -
mother's older brother lawu -
mother's older brother's son mwana -
mother's older sister nyangwè, màmá -
mother's younger brother lawu -
mother's younger brother's son mwana -
mother's younger sister nyangwè, màmá -
parent's parent koko -
son mwana -
son's daughter n'ntekulu -
wife ádí -
wife's father tjíò -
sister kádʒì, kadi -
older brother mbomo ndomi
older sister kadji mbomo
younger brother zimi ndomi
younger sister kadji zimi