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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother's wife - ednaŋar
daughter andaŋar uwaŋar
daughter's daughter arŋ̯alɣ arŋg.abmalɣ
daughter's husband andaŋar andaŋar
daughter's son arŋ̯alɣ arŋg.abmalɣ
father ibaŋar ibaŋar
father's father abmiŋar abmiŋar
father's mother adiŋar adiŋar
father's sister's daughter uraŋar -
father's sisters's older daughter uraŋar -
father's sisters's younger daughter uraŋar -
father's older sister iɲaŋar iɲaŋar
father's older sister's daughter uraŋar -
father's younger sister iɲaŋar iɲaŋar
father's younger sister's daughter uraŋar -
husband - oraŋar
husband's sister - ednaŋar
mother amaŋar ednaŋar
mother's brother's daughter ednaŋar -
mother's brother's older daughter ednaŋar -
mother's brother's younger daughter ednaŋar -
mother's father adiŋar adiŋar
mother's mother abmiŋar abmiŋar
mother's older brother alaŋar alaŋar
mother's older brother's daughter ednaŋar -
mother's younger brother alaŋar alaŋar
mother's younger brother's daughter ednaŋar -
son # -
son's daughter arŋg.abmalɣ arŋ̯alɣ
son's son arŋg.abmalɣ arŋ̯alɣ
son's wife uwaŋar uwaŋar
wife's brother ulaŋar -
sister's husband ulaŋar oraŋar
older brother olaŋar olaŋar
older brother's son - uwaŋar
older sister ebaŋar ebaŋar
older sister's son andaŋar -
younger brother akaŋar akaŋar
younger brother's son - uwaŋar
younger sister elaŋar elaŋar
younger sister's son andaŋar -