Parents' and Parents' Siblings
Nuclear family
Siblings and Cousins
Children and Niblings
All Kinterms
Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother's wife pa'ichu pa'ichu
daughter pi'athu maampa
daughter's daughter ngachichu ngachichu
daughter's son ngachichu ngachichu
father piipi piipi
father's father puula puula
father's mother pa'i pa'i
father's older brother piinya piinya
father's older sister piinya'a piinya'a
father's younger brother piipi piipi
father's younger brother's daughter thaatha thaatha
father's younger brother's son thaatha thaatha
father's younger sister piima piima
husband - muuyu
husband's father - aampayi
husband's mother - yaami
mother paapa paapa
mother's father ngachimu ngachichu
mother's mother miimi miimi
mother's older brother muka muka
mother's older brother's daughter ngami'i ngami'i
mother's older brother's son ngami'i ngami'i
mother's older sister muka muka
mother's younger brother kaala kaala
mother's younger brother's daughter thaatha thaatha
mother's younger brother's son thaatha thaatha
mother's younger sister paapa paapa
son pi'athu, nalngka nalngka, maampa
son's daughter puulathu puulathu
son's son puulathu puulathu
son's wife unthaanganu unthaanganu
wife kulnta -
wife's brother pilupa -
wife's father aampayi -
wife's mother yaami -
sister's husband muuyu, pa'i muuyu, pa'i
older brother yapu yapu
older brother's daughter pi'athu pi'athu
older brother's son pi'athu pi'athu
older sister ya'a ya'a
older sister's daughter wulumu wulumu
older sister's son wulumu wulumu
younger brother ya'athu ya'athu
younger brother's daughter pinyathu pinyathu
younger brother's son pinyathu pinyathu
younger sister ya'athu ya'athu
younger sister's daughter mukathu mukathu
younger sister's son mukathu mukathu