Parents' and Parents' Siblings
Nuclear family
Siblings and Cousins
Children and Niblings
All Kinterms
Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother's wife awa, aya, poda awa, aya, poda
daughter namanga namanga
daughter's daughter natini natini
daughter's husband hunniew hunniew
daughter's son natia natia
father aba aba
father's brother's wife koki, kaja aya koki, kaja aya
father's father soi soi
father's mother bai bai
father's sister's husband mama, 0 mama, 0
father's older brother kaja aba kaja aba
father's older sister amma amma
father's younger brother ichi ba ichi ba
father's younger sister 0 0
mother aya aya
mother's brother's son tada tada
mother's brother's wife amma, 0 amma, 0
mother's brother's older son tada tada
mother's brother's younger son tada tada
mother's father soi soi
mother's mother bai bai
mother's sister's daughter nana nana
mother's sister's husband ichi ba, 0 ichi ba, 0
mother's sisters's older daughter nana nana
mother's sisters's younger daughter nana nana
mother's older brother mama mama
mother's older brother's son tada tada
mother's older sister 0 0
mother's older sister's daughter nana nana
mother's younger brother 0 0
mother's younger brother's son tada tada
mother's younger sister koki koki
mother's younger sister's daughter nana nana
son mriyou mriyou
son's daughter natini natini
son's son natia natia
son's wife kuria kuria
wife angu angu
wife's brother aba, arhi aba, arhi
wife's father ara ara
wife's mother aya aya
wife's sister aya, bopi aya, bopi
sister's husband bato, tada, arhi bato, tada, arhi
older brother tada tada
older brother's daughter poda poda
older brother's son arhi arhi
older sister nana nana
older sister's daughter bhanji bhanji
older sister's son bhanja bhanja
younger brother arhi arhi
younger brother's daughter poda poda
younger brother's son arhi arhi
younger sister poda poda
younger sister's daughter bhanji bhanji
younger sister's son bhanja bhanja