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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother's wife barā -
daughter wela geni wela geni
daughter's daughter kō kō
daughter's husband fungo fungo
daughter's son kō kō
father sāma, maka, ama sāma, maka, ama
father's brother's older daughter dōra dōra
father's brother's older son dōra dōra
father's father kō kō
father's mother kō kō
father's sisters's older daughter dī dī
father's sisters's older son dī dī
father's sisters's younger daughter dī dī
father's sisters's younger son dī dī
father's older sister aia aia
father's younger sister aia aia
husband - saifa
husband's brother - barā
husband's father - fungo
husband's mother - fungo
husband's sister - barā
mother tē tē
mother's brother's older daughter dī dī
mother's brother's older son dī dī
mother's brother's younger daughter dī dī
mother's brother's younger son dī dī
mother's father kō kō
mother's mother kō kō
mother's older brother kō kō
mother's older sister aia aia
mother's younger brother kō kō
mother's younger sister aia aia
son wela wela
son's daughter kō kō
son's son kō kō
son's wife fungo fungo
wife 'afe -
wife's brother barā -
wife's father fungo -
wife's mother fungo -
wife's sister barā -
sister's husband - barā
older brother dōra 'auā, waena
older brother's daughter aia aia
older brother's son aia aia
older sister 'auā, waena dōra
older sister's daughter aia aia
older sister's son kō kō
younger brother sāsi waena
younger brother's daughter aia aia
younger brother's son aia aia
younger sister waena sāsi
younger sister's daughter aia aia
younger sister's son kō kō