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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother's son -kyitkyi -kyitkyi
child apkyi-tkya apkyi-tkya
daughter e-tkya, apkyi-tkya e-tkya, apkyi-tkya
daughter's daughter -tawin -tawin
daughter's husband -ip-haiyim -ip-haiyim
daughter's son -tawin -tawin
father -yapam -yapam
father's brother -yaha -yaha
father's brother's daughter -yaɬiŋ -yaɬiŋ
father's brother's son -yaɬiŋ -yaɬiŋ
father's brother's older daughter -yaɬiŋ -yaɬiŋ
father's brother's older son -yaɬiŋ -yaɬiŋ
father's brother's younger daughter -yaɬiŋ -yaɬiŋ
father's brother's younger son -yaɬiŋ -yaɬiŋ
father's father -yata -yata
father's mother -yama -yama
father's sister -kyatim -kyatim
father's sister's daughter -yaɬiŋ -yaɬiŋ
father's sister's son -yaɬiŋ -yaɬiŋ
father's sisters's older daughter -yaɬiŋ -yaɬiŋ
father's sisters's older son -yaɬiŋ -yaɬiŋ
father's sisters's younger daughter -yaɬiŋ -yaɬiŋ
father's sisters's younger son -yaɬiŋ -yaɬiŋ
father's older brother -yaha -yaha
father's older brother's daughter -yaɬiŋ -yaɬiŋ
father's older brother's son -yaɬiŋ -yaɬiŋ
father's older sister -kyatim -kyatim
father's older sister's daughter -yaɬiŋ -yaɬiŋ
father's older sister's son -yaɬiŋ -yaɬiŋ
father's younger brother -yaha -yaha
father's younger brother's daughter -yaɬiŋ -yaɬiŋ
father's younger brother's son -yaɬiŋ -yaɬiŋ
father's younger sister -kyatim -kyatim
father's younger sister's daughter -yaɬiŋ -yaɬiŋ
father's younger sister's son -yaɬiŋ -yaɬiŋ
husband -tawa -tawa
husband's father -ip-yata -ip-yata
husband's mother -ip-yamum -ip-yamum
mother inkyin inkyin
mother's brother -yapka -yapka
mother's brother's daughter -yaɬiŋ -yaɬiŋ
mother's brother's son -yaɬiŋ -yaɬiŋ
mother's brother's older daughter -yaɬiŋ -yaɬiŋ
mother's brother's older son -yaɬiŋ -yaɬiŋ
mother's brother's younger daughter -yaɬiŋ -yaɬiŋ
mother's brother's younger son -yaɬiŋ -yaɬiŋ
mother's father -yata -yata
mother's mother -yama -yama
mother's sister moinkyin moinkyin
mother's sister's daughter -yaɬiŋ -yaɬiŋ
mother's sister's son -yaɬiŋ -yaɬiŋ
mother's sisters's older daughter -yaɬiŋ -yaɬiŋ
mother's sisters's older son -yaɬiŋ -yaɬiŋ
mother's sisters's younger daughter -yaɬiŋ -yaɬiŋ
mother's sisters's younger son -yaɬiŋ -yaɬiŋ
mother's older brother -yapka -yapka
mother's older brother's daughter -yaɬiŋ -yaɬiŋ
mother's older brother's son -yaɬiŋ -yaɬiŋ
mother's older sister moinkyin moinkyin
mother's older sister's daughter -yaɬiŋ -yaɬiŋ
mother's older sister's son -yaɬiŋ -yaɬiŋ
mother's younger brother -yapka -yapka
mother's younger brother's daughter -yaɬiŋ -yaɬiŋ
mother's younger brother's son -yaɬiŋ -yaɬiŋ
mother's younger sister moinkyin moinkyin
mother's younger sister's daughter -yaɬiŋ -yaɬiŋ
mother's younger sister's son -yaɬiŋ -yaɬiŋ
son apkyi-tkya apkyi-tkya
son's daughter -tawin -tawin
son's son -tawin -tawin
son's wife -ip-yamum, -ip-yata -ip-yamum, -ip-yata
wife -tawa -tawa
wife's father -ip-yata -ip-yata
wife's mother -ip-yamum -ip-yamum
sister's son -kyitkyi -kyitkyi
older brother's son -kyitkyi -kyitkyi
older sister's son -kyitkyi -kyitkyi
younger brother -yaɬiŋ -yaɬiŋ
younger brother's son -kyitkyi -kyitkyi
younger sister -yaɬiŋ -yaɬiŋ
younger sister's son -kyitkyi -kyitkyi