Parents' and Parents' Siblings
Nuclear family
Siblings and Cousins
Children and Niblings
All Kinterms
Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother's daughter - -ḳaas-iʔ
brother's son -ḳaas -
child -lic̷ -lic̷
daughter - -asiʔ
daughter's daughter - -uk-iʔ
daughter's husband -feluʔ -
daughter's son -uk -
father -tata -
father's brother's daughter -elpik -ilpik
father's brother's son -elpik -ilpik
father's brother's older daughter -elpik -ilpik
father's brother's older son -elpik -ilpik
father's brother's younger daughter -elpik -ilpik
father's brother's younger son -elpik -ilpik
father's father ket -
father's mother - ket-iʔ
father's sister's daughter -elpik -ilpik
father's sister's son -elpik -ilpik
father's sisters's older daughter -elpik -ilpik
father's sisters's older son -elpik -ilpik
father's sisters's younger daughter -elpik -ilpik
father's sisters's younger son -elpik -ilpik
father's older brother's daughter -elpik -ilpik
father's older brother's son -elpik -ilpik
father's older sister's daughter -elpik -ilpik
father's older sister's son -elpik -ilpik
father's younger brother's daughter -elpik -ilpik
father's younger brother's son -elpik -ilpik
father's younger sister's daughter -elpik -ilpik
father's younger sister's son -elpik -ilpik
husband -iwheyeʔ ~ -ewheyeʔ -iwheyeʔ ~ -ewheyeʔ
husband's father -ḳewket -ḳewket
husband's mother - -ḳewket-iʔ
mother - -nene
mother's brother's daughter -elpik -ilpik
mother's brother's son -elpik -ilpik
mother's brother's older daughter -elpik -ilpik
mother's brother's older son -elpik -ilpik
mother's brother's younger daughter -elpik -ilpik
mother's brother's younger son -elpik -ilpik
mother's father ket -
mother's mother - ket-iʔ
mother's sister's daughter -elpik -ilpik
mother's sister's son -elpik -ilpik
mother's sisters's older daughter -elpik -ilpik
mother's sisters's older son -elpik -ilpik
mother's sisters's younger daughter -elpik -ilpik
mother's sisters's younger son -elpik -ilpik
mother's older brother's daughter -elpik -ilpik
mother's older brother's son -elpik -ilpik
mother's older sister's daughter -elpik -ilpik
mother's older sister's son -elpik -ilpik
mother's younger brother's daughter -elpik -ilpik
mother's younger brother's son -elpik -ilpik
mother's younger sister's daughter -elpik -ilpik
mother's younger sister's son -elpik -ilpik
son -as -
son's daughter - -uk-iʔ
son's son -uk -
son's wife - -felic̷
wife -iwheyeʔ ~ -ewheyeʔ -iwheyeʔ ~ -ewheyeʔ
wife's father -ḳewket -
wife's mother - -ḳewket-iʔ
sister's daughter - -ḳaas-iʔ
sister's son -ḳaas -
older brother's daughter - -ḳaas-iʔ
older brother's son -ḳaas -
older sister's daughter - -ḳaas-iʔ
older sister's son -ḳaas -
younger brother -kˀinix -
younger brother's daughter - -ḳaas-iʔ
younger brother's son -ḳaas -
younger sister - -kˀinχaʔ
younger sister's daughter - -ḳaas-iʔ
younger sister's son -ḳaas -