Parents' and Parents' Siblings
Nuclear family
Siblings and Cousins
Children and Niblings
All Kinterms
Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother's wife reva reva
daughter net net
daughter's daughter mxodi mxodi
daughter's son mxodi mxodi
father tatɛ tatɛ
father's mother butat butat
father's older brother tatɛ tatɛ
father's older sister vavɛ vavɛ
father's younger brother tatɛ tatɛ
father's younger sister vavɛ vavɛ
husband - lex
husband's father - belxa
husband's mother - lexter
mother dede dede
mother's mother butat butat
mother's older brother dnɛ dnɛ
mother's older sister dede dede
mother's younger brother dnɛ dnɛ
mother's younger sister dede dede
son net net
son's daughter mxodi mxodi
son's son mxodi mxodi
wife vinadr -
wife's brother texu -
wife's father belxa -
wife's sister reva -
sister's husband texu texu
older brother lɛlɛ lɛlɛ
older brother's daughter mrɛrɛ mrɛrɛ
older brother's son mrɛrɛ mrɛrɛ
older sister vivni vivni
older sister's daughter mrɛrɛ mrɛrɛ
older sister's son mrɛrɛ mrɛrɛ
younger brother lɛlɛ lɛlɛ
younger brother's daughter mrɛrɛ mrɛrɛ
younger brother's son mrɛrɛ mrɛrɛ
younger sister vivni vivni
younger sister's daughter mrɛrɛ mrɛrɛ
younger sister's son mrɛrɛ mrɛrɛ