Parents' and Parents' Siblings
Nuclear family
Siblings and Cousins
Children and Niblings
All Kinterms
Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother 0 āngal
brother's daughter 0 maru-makal
brother's son 0 maru-makan
daughter's husband marumakan marumakan
daughter's husband's mother sampanti sampanti
father accaṉ, appaṉ accaṉ, appaṉ
father's father muttaccaṉ, vali-appan muttaccaṉ, vali-appan
father's mother muthace muthace
father's sister accan pengal accan pengal
father's older brother veliappan, perappan veliappan, perappan
father's older sister accammā, accol accammā, accol
father's younger brother cittippan cittippan
father's younger sister accan pengal accan pengal
husband bartavu bartavu
mother ammai, ammā ammai, ammā
mother's brother ammāman-ammavaṉ ammāman-ammavaṉ
mother's father ammatu, muttaccan ammatu, muttaccan
mother's mother ammatu, muttaccan ammatu, muttaccan
mother's older brother ammāman-ammavaṉ ammāman-ammavaṉ
mother's older sister perammā, peracci perammā, peracci
mother's younger brother ammāman-ammavaṉ ammāman-ammavaṉ
mother's younger sister cittamma, cittacci cittamma, cittacci
son makan makan
son's daughter pera-kutty pera-kutty
son's son pera-makan pera-makan
wife's brother aḷiya aḷiya
sister pengaḷ 0
sister's daughter maru-makal 0
sister's son maru-makan 0
older brother cettan cettan
older sister ceṭṭati, oppol, eṭṭati ceṭṭati, oppol, eṭṭati
younger brother anujan ambi anujan ambi
younger sister anujati, aniyatti anujati, aniyatti