Parents' and Parents' Siblings
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All Kinterms
Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother's wife - chēluvek, chēlutha
daughter's daughter vēlek vēlek
daughter's husband thēvuska thēvuska
daughter's son vēlek vēlek
father mamēk mamēk
father's father iaik iaik
father's mother uauk uauk
husband - lugutka
husband's father - thēvuska
husband's mother - thēvuski
husband's sister - chēluchi
mother nanēk nanēk
mother's father iaik iaik
mother's mother uauk uauk
mother's older brother chau -
mother's younger brother chau -
son's daughter vēlek vēlek
son's son vēlek vēlek
son's wife thēvuski thēvuski
wife lugutki -
wife's brother chēlucha -
wife's father thēvuska -
wife's mother thēvuski -
sister's husband chēluvek, chēlutha -
older brother bruder, mat bruder, mat
older sister matki, mat matki, mat
younger brother bruder bruder
younger sister liki liki