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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
daughter me-noʼ-hä-ka me-noʼ-hä-ka
daughter's daughter p-tä-weʼ-hä-kä p-tä-weʼ-hä-kä
daughter's husband ko-tooʼ-te ko-tooʼ-te
daughter's son p-tä-weʼ-hä-kä p-tä-weʼ-hä-kä
father tä-tayʼ tä-tayʼ
father's brother's older daughter p-täʼ-me-ha me-noʼ-ka
father's brother's older son me-shoʼ-kä me-shoʼ-kä
father's brother's younger daughter p-tä-meʼ-ha me-noʼ-ka
father's brother's younger son me-shoʼ-kä me-shoʼ-kä
father's father tä-taʼ-hˑe-ha tä-taʼ-hˑe-ha
father's mother nahˑʼ-he-a nahˑʼ-he-a
father's older brother tä-tayʼ tä-tayʼ
father's older sister p-toʼ-me-nick, mä-saʼ-we p-toʼ-me-nick, nä-a
father's younger brother tä-tayʼ tä-tayʼ
father's younger sister p-toʼ-me-nick, mä-saʼ-we p-toʼ-me-nick, nä-a
husband - me-merʼ-ǔl
husband's father - ko-tooʼ-te
husband's mother - ko-tooʼ-te
mother nä-aʼ nä-aʼ
mother's father tä-taʼ-hˑe-ha tä-taʼ-hˑe-ha
mother's mother nahˑʼ-he-a nahˑʼ-he-a
mother's sisters's older daughter p-täʼ-me-ha me-noʼ-ka
mother's sisters's older son mooʼ-kä me-shoʼ-ka
mother's sisters's younger daughter p-tä-meʼ-ha me-noʼ-ka
mother's sisters's younger son me-shoʼ-kä me-shoʼ-kä
mother's older brother tä-wäʼ-rä-to-ra tä-wäʼ-rä-to-ra
mother's older sister nä-aʼ nä-aʼ
mother's younger brother tä-wäʼ-rä-to-ra tä-wäʼ-rä-to-ra
mother's younger sister nä-aʼ nä-aʼ
son me-neʼ-ka ko-neʼ-ka
son's daughter p-tä-weʼ-hä-kä p-tä-weʼ-hä-kä
son's son p-tä-weʼ-hä-kä p-tä-weʼ-hä-kä
son's wife ko-tooʼ-te ko-tooʼ-te
wife mooʼ-hul -
older brother mooʼ-kä me-shoʼ-kä
older brother's daughter me-noʼ-hä-ka me-noʼ-hä-ka
older brother's son me-neʼ-ka ko-neʼ-ka
older sister p-tä-meʼ-ha me-noʼ-ka
older sister's daughter - me-noʼ-hä-ka
older sister's son - ko-neʼ-ka
younger brother me-shoʼ-kä me-shoʼ-kä
younger brother's daughter me-noʼ-hä-ka me-noʼ-hä-ka
younger brother's son me-neʼ-ka ko-neʼ-ka
younger sister p-tä-meʼ-ha me-noʼ-ka
younger sister's daughter - me-noʼ-hä-ka
younger sister's son - ko-neʼ-ka