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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
daughter ka-yäʼ ka-yäʼ
daughter's daughter ka-yäʼ-dla-ah ka-yäʼ-dla-ah
daughter's husband e-en-hǔʼ-zä e-en-hǔʼ-zä
daughter's son e-yäʼ-dla-ah e-yäʼ-dla-ah
father lä-ga-neʼ-hä lä-ga-neʼ-hä
father's brother's older daughter ahk-jeʼ-hä ahk-jeʼ-hä
father's brother's older son läk-jeʼ-hä läk-jeʼ-hä
father's brother's younger daughter kaʼ-gä-hä ka-gäʼ-hä
father's brother's younger son eʼgä-hä eʼgä-hä
father's father läke-soteʼ läke-soteʼ
father's mother ahk-soteʼ ahk-soteʼ
father's sisters's older daughter un-gǎ-lassʼ un-gǎ-lǎssʼ
father's sisters's older son un-gǎ-lässʼ un-gǎ-lǎssʼ
father's sisters's younger daughter un-gǎ-lǎssʼ un-gǎ-lǎssʼ
father's sisters's younger son un-gǎ-lassʼ un-gǎ-lassʼ
father's older brother lä-ga-neʼ-hä lä-ga-neʼ-hä
father's older sister ah-ga-neseʼ-tä ah-ga-neseʼ-tä
father's younger brother lä-ga-neʼ-hä lä-ga-neʼ-hä
father's younger sister ah-ga-neseʼ-tä ah-ga-neseʼ-tä
husband - da-yä-ga-neʼ-da
husband's father - lä-gwen-hoʼ-zä
husband's mother - yun-gwen-hoʼ-zä
mother ah-ga-neseʼ-hä ah-ga-neseʼ-hä
mother's brother's older daughter un-gǎ-lässʼ un-gǎ-lässʼ
mother's brother's older son un-gǎ-lässʼ un-gǎ-lässʼ
mother's brother's younger daughter un-gǎ-lässʼ un-gǎ-lässʼ
mother's brother's younger son un-gǎ-lässʼ un-gǎ-lassʼ
mother's father läke-soteʼ läke-soteʼ
mother's mother ahk-soteʼ ahk-soteʼ
mother's sisters's older daughter ahk-jeʼ-hä ahk-jeʼ-hä
mother's sisters's older son läk-jeʼ-hä lak-jeʼ-hä
mother's sisters's younger daughter kaʼ-gä-hä ka-gäʼ-hä
mother's sisters's younger son eʼ-gä-hä eʼ-gä-hä
mother's older brother lä-ga-noleʼ-hä lä-ga-noleʼ-hä
mother's older sister lä-ga-neʼ-hä lä-ga-neʼ-hä
mother's younger brother lä-ga-noleʼ-hä lä-ga-noleʼ-hä
mother's younger sister lä-ga-neʼ-hä lä-ga-neʼ-hä
son e-yäʼ e-yäʼ
son's daughter ka-yäʼ-dla-ah ka-yäʼ-dla-ah
son's son e-yäʼ-dla-ah e-yäʼ-dla-ah
son's wife ka-zäʼ-wä ka-zäʼ-wä
wife da-yä-ga-neʼ-da -
wife's father lä-gwen-hoʼ-zä -
wife's mother un-gwen-hoʼ-zä -
older brother läk-jeʼ-hä lak-jeʼ-hä
older brother's daughter ka-yäʼ ka-yäʼ
older brother's son e-yäʼ e-yäʼ
older sister ahk-jeʼ-hä ahk-jeʼ-hä
older sister's daughter ka-yo-wäʼ-dä ka-yäʼ
older sister's son e-yo-wäʼ-dä e-yäʼ
younger brother eʼ-gä-hä eʼ-gä-hä
younger brother's daughter ka-yäʼ ka-yäʼ
younger brother's son e-yäʼ e-yäʼ
younger sister kaʼ-gä-hä kaʼ-gä-hä
younger sister's daughter ka-yo-wäʼ-dä ka-yäʼ
younger sister's son e-yo-wäʼ-dä e-yäʼ