Parents' and Parents' Siblings
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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
daughter ne-chuneʼ ne-chuneʼ
daughter's daughter nä-hˑiseʼ nä-hˑiseʼ
daughter's husband wä-seenʼ-no-kwäʼ wä-seenʼ-no-kwäʼ
daughter's son nä-hˑiseʼ nä-hˑiseʼ
father nohˑ nohˑ
father's brother's older daughter n'-dä-kwus-ohˑʼ-kwä-oh n'-ko-kwäʼ
father's brother's older son n'-donkʼ n'-donkʼ
father's brother's younger daughter n'-dä-kwus-hˑ-kwä-oh n'-koʼ-kwä
father's brother's younger son n'-da-kwusʼ n'-donkʼ
father's father nuh-mä-homeʼ nuh-mä-homeʼ
father's mother no-omeʼ no-omeʼ
father's sisters's older daughter n'-dä-kwus-ohʼ-kwä-oh n'-ko-kwäʼ
father's sisters's older son n'-dä-kwusʼ n'-donkʼ
father's sisters's younger daughter n'-dä-kwus-ohʼ-kwä-oh n'-ko-kwäʼ
father's sisters's younger son n'-da-kwusʼ n'-donkʼ
father's older brother nä-jäʼ-kuʼ nä-jäʼ-kuʼ
father's older sister no-muthsʼ no-muthsʼ
father's younger brother nä-jäʼ-kuʼ nä-jäʼ-kuʼ
father's younger sister no-muthsʼ no-muthsʼ
husband - wä-he-yuhʼ
husband's father - n'-zein-nothʼ
husband's mother - n'-zo-kwathsʼ
mother neeʼ-goos neeʼ-goos
mother's brother's older daughter n'-dä-kwus-ohʼ-kwä-oh n'-ko-kwäʼ
mother's brother's older son n'-dä-kwusʼ n'-donkʼ
mother's brother's younger daughter n'-dä-kwus-ohʼ-kwä-oh n'-ko-kwäʼ
mother's brother's younger son n'-dä-kwus n'-donkʼ
mother's father nuh-mä-homeʼ nuh-mä-homeʼ
mother's mother no-omeʼ no-omeʼ
mother's sisters's older daughter na-meseʼ na-meseʼ
mother's sisters's older son ne-tä-kunʼ ne-tä-kunʼ
mother's sisters's younger daughter n'-hˑi-sumʼ n'hˑi-sum
mother's sisters's younger son n'-hˑi-sumʼ n'-hˑi-sumʼ
mother's older brother nee-zeethʼ nee-zeethʼ
mother's older sister n'-gukʼ n'-gukʼ
mother's younger brother nee-zeethʼ nee-zeethʼ
mother's younger sister n'-gukʼ n'-gukʼ
son n'-di-omeʼ n'-di-omeʼ
son's daughter nä-hˑiseʼ nä-hˑiseʼ
son's son nä-hˑiseʼ nä-hˑiseʼ
son's wife n'-sumʼ nä-humʼ
wife nu-e-nä-thomeʼ -
wife's father n'-zein-nothʼ -
wife's mother n'-zo-kwathsʼ -
older brother n'-tä-kun n'-tä-kunʼ
older brother's daughter nä-kunʼ nä-kunʼ
older brother's son nä-kunʼ näʼ-kunʼ
older sister nä-meesʼ nä-meesʼ
older sister's daughter nohk-soh-kwäʼ-oh ne-chuneʼ
older sister's son no-kwathʼ n'-di-omeʼ
younger brother n'-hˑi-sumʼ n'-hˑi-sumʼ
younger brother's daughter nä-kunʼ nä-kunʼ
younger brother's son nä-kunʼ näʼ-kunʼ
younger sister n'-hˑi-sumʼ n'-hˑi-sumʼ
younger sister's daughter nohk-soh-kwäʼ-oh ne-chuneʼ
younger sister's son no-kwathʼ n'-di-omeʼ