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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother boso sau
brother's daughter väde ada'
brother's son du^a, tuwa ada'
child tuwa tuwa
daughter väde, pédï' väde, pédï'
daughter's husband tokona tokona
father nawa, nau nawa, nau
father's brother nawa, haiyi nawa, haiyi
father's brother's wife vi^e vi^e
father's father gunu, kïnu gunu, kïnu
father's father's father kïnu kïnu
father's mother hutsi hutsi
father's wife (not mother) husubi^i, vi^e husubi^i, vi^e
father's sister páhwa, pawwa páhwa, pawwa
father's sister's husband bu bu
father's older brother nawa nawa
father's older sister páhwa, pawwa páhwa, pawwa
father's younger brother nawa nawa
father's younger sister páhwa, pawwa páhwa, pawwa
husband gu gu, kúwa
husband's brother yenipai yenipai
husband's father da^hi da^hi
husband's mother da^hi da^hi
mother píya, vi^e píya, vi^e
mother's brother pu' pu'
mother's brother's wife bawha bawha
mother's father togó', toko togó', toko
mother's husband (not father) husana, haiyi, nau husana, haiyi, nau
mother's mother mu, hucí, mú'a mu, hucí, mú'a
mother's sister vi^e vi^e
mother's sister's husband nau nau
mother's older brother pu' pu'
mother's older sister vi^e vi^e
mother's younger brother pu' pu'
mother's younger sister vi^e vi^e
son tuwa tuwa
son's wife wobi wobi
twin wa'wahá' wa'wahá'
wife nodïkwa, nodükwe nodükwe
wife's brother yadato^hi yadato^hi
wife's father da^hi da^hi
wife's mother da^hi da^hi
wife's sister yenipai yenipai
sister sau boso
sister's daughter nahauk' väde
sister's husband yadato^hi yadato^hi
sister's son nahauk' du^a, tuwa
co- husband boso, nanawoho boso, nanawoho
co- wife boso, nanawoho boso, nanawoho
older brother pabí pabí
older brother's daughter väde ada'
older brother's son tuwa -
older sister hama -
older sister's daughter nahauk' väde
older sister's son nahauk' du^a, tuwa
younger brother qwaná, waná qwaná, waná
younger brother's daughter väde ada'
younger brother's son tuwa -
younger sister pïnni', bun^i, pïni' pïnni', pïni'
younger sister's daughter nahauk' väde
younger sister's son nahauk' du^a, tuwa