Parents' and Parents' Siblings
Nuclear family
Siblings and Cousins
Children and Niblings
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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
brother mfa̤d mfa̤d
brother's son mon mon ma mon ng-mbi -
child mon mon
child's child mù̪n̊gwi mù̪n̊gwi
daughter mon mingwi -
daughter's daughter mu̪ndzàd -
daughter's husband ntsi -
daughter's son mu̪ndzàd -
father bàba, ta bàba, ta
father's brother nimbàn̊ nimbàn̊
father's father dǒ dǒ
father's mother kǎ kǎ
father's sister mân̊na, tǎn̊gwi mân̊na, tǎn̊gwi
father's older brother bamvuka̤d, bàbamvuka̤d, bàban̊guka̤d, ban̊guka̤d bamvuka̤d, bàbamvuka̤d, bàban̊guka̤d, ban̊guka̤d
father's older sister mân̊na, tǎn̊gwi mân̊na, tǎn̊gwi
father's younger brother bàbambo̠d, bambo̠d bàbambo̠d, bambo̠d
father's younger sister mân̊na, tǎn̊gwi mân̊na, tǎn̊gwi
grandparent mfa̤d mfa̤d
husband ndum n-gon, ndum
husband's father - tadu
husband's mother - mādù
husband's sister mân̊na, tǎn̊gwi mân̊na, tǎn̊gwi
mother nǎ nǎ
mother's brother nimbàn̊ nimbàn̊
mother's father dǒ dǒ
mother's husband (not father) bakân̊nsà' bakân̊nsà'
mother's mother kǎ kǎ
mother's older brother nimbàn̊ nimbàn̊
mother's older sister nǎn̊guka̪d nǎn̊guka̪d
mother's younger brother nimbàn̊ nimbàn̊
mother's younger sister nǎmbo̠d nǎmbo̠d
son mon ma nko -
son's son mù̪n̊dzoed -
wife mfu', mingwi, n̊gwi mfu', n̊gwi
wife's brother n-dup mon ma, ntsi, mon ma ng-mbi -
wife's father ntsi -
wife's mother n-gom, n-tsi -
wife's sister mon ma ng-mbi -
sister mon mingwi, mfa̤d mfa̤d
sister's daughter mu̪ndzàd -
sister's son mu̪ndzàd -
older brother nini, ni, n̊ko̤sṳ nini, ni, n̊ko̤sṳ
older brother's son mon mon ma mon ng-mbi -
older sister māmà, mā māmà, mā
older sister's daughter mu̪ndzàd -
older sister's son mu̪ndzàd -
younger brother ntṳ'ndzà̪m, mbadndzà̪m ntṳ'ndzà̪m, mbadndzà̪m
younger brother's son mon mon ma mon ng-mbi -
younger sister ntṳ'ndzà̪m ntṳ'ndzà̪m
younger sister's daughter mu̪ndzàd -
younger sister's son mu̪ndzàd -