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Kin type Male Speaker Female Speaker
daughter nain-däʼ-ness nain-däʼ-ness
daughter's daughter nain-no-whaseʼ nain-no-whaseʼ
daughter's husband na-nä-toʼ-na-makue na-nä-to-na-makueʼ
daughter's son nain-no-whaseʼ nain-no-whaseʼ
father na-noʼ-uh na-noʼ-uh
father's brother's older daughter nainʼ-na-waseʼ nainʼ-na-waseʼ
father's brother's older son nain-n'-hans nain-n'-hans
father's brother's younger daughter nain-hise-sa-musʼ nain-hiseʼ-sa-musʼ
father's brother's younger son nain-hise'-sa-mus nain-hise'-sa-mus
father's father na mä-ho-mis na mä-ho-mis
father's mother na-noʼ-home na-noʼ-home
father's sisters's older daughter nain-na-waseʼ nain-na-waseʼ
father's sisters's older son nain-n'-hans' nain-n'-hans'
father's sisters's younger daughter nain-hise-sa-musʼ nain-hiseʼ-sa-musʼ
father's sisters's younger son nain-hise-sa-mus' nain-hise-sa-mus
father's older brother na-noʼ-whus na-noʼ-whus
father's older sister na-ma-laʼ-däkue na-ma-laʼ-däkue
father's younger brother na-noʼ-whus na-noʼ-whus
father's younger sister na-ma-laʼ-däkue na-ma-laʼ-däkue
husband - na-wǎ-h'-an
husband's father - ne-ze-la-lozeʼ
husband's mother - nain-zo-kwaseʼ
mother n'-gäʼ-hase n'-gäʼ-hase
mother's brother's older daughter nain-na-wase' nain-na-wase'
mother's brother's older son nain-n'-hans' nain-n'-hans
mother's brother's younger daughter nain-hiseʼ-sa-mus' nain-hiseʼ-sa-musʼ
mother's brother's younger son nain-hise'-sa-mus' nain-hise'-sa-mus'
mother's father na mä-ho-mis na mä-ho-mis
mother's mother na-noʼ-home na-noʼ-home
mother's sisters's older daughter nainʼ-na-waseʼ nain-na-wase
mother's sisters's older son nain-n'-hansʼ nain-nʼ-hansʼ
mother's sisters's younger daughter nain-hiseʼ-sa-musʼ nain-hiseʼ-sa-musʼ
mother's sisters's younger son naiu-hiseʼ-sa-musʼ naiu-hiseʼ-sa-musʼ
mother's older brother nee-zheseʼ nee-zheseʼ
mother's older sister nin̤-gukʼ-us nin̤-gukʼ-us
mother's younger brother nee-zheseʼ nee-zheseʼ
mother's younger sister nin̤-gukʼ-us nin̤-gukʼ-us
son nain-gwaseʼ nain-gwaseʼ
son's daughter nain-no-whaseʼ nain-no-whaseʼ
son's son nain-no-whaseʼ nain-no-whaseʼ
son's wife nahˑ-hum' nain-humʼ
wife na-na-h'-whʼ -
wife's father ne-ze-la-lozeʼ -
wife's mother nain-ze-kwaseʼ -
older brother nain-nʼ-hansʼ nain-nʼ-hansʼ
older brother's daughter nain-däʼ-niss nain-däʼ-niss
older brother's son nain-gwaseʼ nain-gwaseʼ
older sister nainʼ-na-waseʼ naiuʼ-na-waseʼ
older sister's daughter na-loneʼ-gwä-sisʼ nain-däʼ-ness
older sister's son na-loneʼ-gwä-sisʼ nain-gwaseʼ
younger brother naiu-hiseʼ-sa-musʼ naine-hiseʼ-sa-musʼ
younger brother's daughter nain-däʼ-niss nain-däʼ-niss
younger brother's son nain-gwaseʼ nain-gwaseʼ
younger sister nain-hiseʼ-sa-musʼ nain-hiseʼ-sa-musʼ
younger sister's daughter na-loneʼ-gwä-sisʼ nain-däʼ-ness
younger sister's son na-loneʼ-gwä-sisʼ nain-gwaseʼ